Jose Trigueirinho Netto

Spiritual philosopher from Brazil and author of 81 books with more than two million copies printed originally in Portuguese (Editora Pensamento) and Spanish (Editorial Kier), and more recently with titles in English (available on this website), French (Éditions Vessica Piscis) and German (Lichtwelle-Verlag).  Trigueirinho also shares his message in talks that are recorded live, with over 3,000 CDs available from the website of Editora IRDIN.

His work is one of the vehicles of the new phase of teaching that the Spiritual Hierarchies are transmitting to humanity. Among the principal themes treated is the great transformation that which terrestrial humanity is passing through on this planet, as well as the significance and purpose of these changes.  Trigueirinho brings us into contact with aspects of a new awareness and encourages us to live a fraternal life of peace and harmony with the universe.

Trigueirinho is one of the founding members of the Fraternity International Humanitarian Federation (Fraternidade Federação Humanitária Internacional), a co-founder of the Grace Mercy Order (Ordem Graça Misericórdia), and he was the inspiration and the founder, of the Community of Light Figueira in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  In conjunction with the Grace Mercy Order and its visionaries, Trigueirinho provides commentaries and insights into the work of the “Divine Messengers” which includes Apparitions of the Divine Messengers, music, and prayer work.  (see “Other Teachings” section of this website for more information)

In addition to the talks and writings of Trigueirinho available in English on this website, additional English material is available on the website of the Fraternity International Humanitarian Foundation ( or in the ‘Other Teachings’ section of this website.