The Shasti Association sponsors a number of humanitarian projects to further its goal of fostering planetary evolution and helping individuals in need. At present, the following projects are ongoing:

Seeds of Love. Through a collaboration with a shopkeeper in Dharamsala, India, bags of rice are given to destitute individuals and families. The shopkeeper identifies worthy recipients and the Shasti Association donates the bags of rice. To date over three dozen individuals and families have been assisted.

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Book Donations. The Shasti Association regularly makes donations of books and booklets to individuals, groups, libraries, prisons, and organizations. To date this has included making books of Trigueirinho and Paul Brunton available to prisoners in Florida, maintaining a book-loan library in The Wellness Center of Mount Shasta, donations of complete sets of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton to libraries and spiritual centers, and donations to hundreds of individuals in the United States, Europe, Africa, South American and India.

Weekly Crop Circle Screen Savers. Crop circles, mysterious geometric patterns that spontaneously appear imprinted in fields of grain, have been appearing in England since the 1980’s and have now appeared in dozens of other countries including Austria, Belgium, Czechslovakia, France, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Russia and the United States, among others. Many believe that these circles bring messages for humanity and that they contain “codes” or subtle, intelligent information, that are needed by humanity for its evolution. A crop circle serves as an excellent object of meditation. To assist with this, the Shasti Association makes available on a monthly basis a crop circle for each week to be posted on an individual’s computer as a screen saver, or for contemplation in some other format. In this way, the energy of meditating on the crop circle is multiplied by the fact that dozens of other individuals are meditating on the same circle at the same time. To subscribe contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Donations to like-minded Organizations. From time to time the Shasti Association provides financial assistance to other organizations that are working to foster planetary evolution, heal the planet earth, and assist individuals in need. These organizations have included: Association Mary ( The Community of Light of Figueira (

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