Messages of Peace: Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity
Available only in Portuguese and Spanish. 
(An English translation is anticipated but is not yet available.)

Messages of Peace

Mother María Shimani ofe Montserrat and Freiy Elías del Sagrado Corazón

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In this book are collected the messages that were transmitted by the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, during the period of one year to the visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order – Mother  María Shimani of Montserrat and Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart.

The purpose of this work is to bring to each heart the messages of the Blessed Mary, also known as the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  She speaks to us of the necessity that all know of Her messages, which speak of the importance of prayer for peace in the hearts and between the nations.

As a result of these readings, one can feel inspired to respond to the genuine call for Peace and for the Good, and to convert ourselves into an instrument of the Hands of God.

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