I am here to announce a new symbol of Peace, which is to Love Prayer above everything else… because I count on you as instruments to enable Me to issue forth My Peace…”    (Mainhdra)

Prayer is fundamental because there are beings in need of light, support, liberation; there are hearts crystallized by suffering and souls in different stages of ignorance. A regular praying rhythm can increase for ourselves the possibility to render many services in these mysterious and infinite levels of life in the Universe.”   (Trigueirinho)

A prayer practice, constant and sincere, deepens the experience of encountering God.

The purpose of a prayer meeting so sublime is the activation of the inner light, the light of the cells.  With this, our vibrations and energies become organized and harmonized, which allows the soul to flow more easily in our daily lives. We start to become aware of a subtle vibration, quieter, more peaceful.

Human ideals are raised to divine ideals and the result of this is a unified personality and an elevation of character.  Prayer leads the ego to seek help in the spirit.  In this way, the bodies live the redemption.  The material body surrenders to the spirit. The material body becomes docile to the spirit.  From this point life starts to be a prayerful life. Through prayer a channel is opened and what exists in the internal dimension is manifested in our daily lives.

Particles of love are attracted to form a channel of light that prevents, or disables the action of chaotic and destructive energies.  Love is a vibration that involutionary energies do not know, and so it is a protective shield for everyone. This is one of the greatest services rendered by the prayer!

When we perform group prayers all this power is increased and we have the opportunity to ignite a large beam of Light. Imagine various islands uniting, forming a great country, which connects the continent of Light.  A prayer group becomes an army of the Light.

When we do group prayer with sincerity, love, and conscience we can generate a magnetic field of peace and harmony.  The Light emanated from a prayer group can collaborate in the sustaining of planet Earth.  A sincere group can perform profound work for the aura of the planet. A group that assumes the sacred act of prayer is a group that assumes being a server of Light on Earth’s surface.

The planet is asking for help.  We cannot wait any longer to answer this call.  Prayer is a way to help. We can be channels for the Light to be more present.  A group that works with prayers can be an inspiration to humanity.

Many beings need help but do not know how to invoke it or how to receive it.  Prayer is this help. The Light generated by prayer is able to penetrate and transform the negative energies housed in people and environments. In this sense prayer is a powerful “detergent” to alleviate pain, grief, guilt and all the vibrations that imprison and impede a fuller life.

Within all of us exist the conditions to love, to serve, and to be Light.  Let us pray together, in gratitude to life, to God and to all humanity.

(Adapted from the Vida Orante website)

…And if, by praying, we get to know compassion, we will be more able to donate our energy to so many internal works that can be developed in the planetary consciousness. In Her instructions, Mainhdra considers a prayer victorious when it does not succumb in the face of obstacles that can arise during its practice; a luminous prayer, that which brings light to places where darkness reigns and that lightens indecisive hearts; a prayer of peace, that one which calms the souls in conflict and that fulfills auras that are empty of God; and jubilant prayer, that which eliminates the suffering of souls who can already walk and that elevates to superior planes those who have already taken the first steps on the path of the Good.” Trigueirinho