Published in the Newsletter titled: Calling Humanity
Volume II - Second Semester 2010

Consider that Planet Earth is a living being with a soul and a body. What we experience as “earth” is merely the most dense, physical expression of this Earth-soul. As we are each a cell within the body of the Earth, we have the ability to contribute positively or negatively to the earth’s overall health and evolution, and indirectly, to the evolution of the cosmos itself.

Continuing with this analogy, we can say that within the macrocosm of Earth exist energy centers, a subtle body, and subtle channels through which spiritual energy flows from subtle to physical earth, just as these also exist within us microcosmically as individuals. The different earth energy centers correspond to what are called the “planetary centers” (more information can be found in the book Calling Humanity, by Trigueirinho and on the Irdin website, Within these centers on subtle levels is contained a form of spiritual knowledge necessary for the evolution of humanity, in what are called “solar discs.” This knowledge must be contacted, activated, and channeled so that it can flow into the physical level.

Through prayer, chanting of mantras, and other spiritual practices, we can help to release this knowledge so that it is available to humanity. One of these planetary centers is in Brazil, and the work of Figueira is an expression of this inner reality.

In North America, the Figueira work has been ongoing since the initial seeds were planted in the late 1980s. More recently, beginning in 2000, mantra groups, weekly auditions of Trigueirinho’s lectures, and vigils, and other individual and group activities, have allowed their participants to align themselves with the planetary moment and manifest opportunities for service. This work has grown and expanded into its current form, with over twelve groups, monthly mantra calls, and various diffusion activities, including this newsletter.

While this work can be done anywhere, it can also be particularly effective when taking place at the specific places on earth’s surface that are connected to one of these subtle-realm energy centers. This type of spiritual work makes use of techniques given to us by the Hierarchies to bring light down to earth, removing the blockages to its “downward” flow, and is most effectively done in groups. This is, in fact, the task of Figueira’s “Operative Group,” a group of individuals who travel to different sacred sites on the planet’s surface. To date the Operative Group has visited many sacred sites in South America, along with others in Europe (Lourdes in France, Liz in Portugal, Majorca in Spain) and the Middle East (the Holy Land, Mount Sinai, and elsewhere in Egypt).

At some of these places, including Lourdes and Liz, extensions of Figueira have been created. In April 2010, the Operative Group visited Mount Shasta in California. Mount Shasta is considered to be one of the planet’s sacred mountains and the location of both a solar disc and an interterrestrial retreat. The vibrating ray of the Shasta solar disc is expressed in the mantra “Emanashi.”

As a result of the Operative Group work in Shasta, information was received to open an extension of Figueira in the Mount Shasta area. It would have a number of elements: to assist in the diffusion of the Figueira teachings, the possibility of a spiritual community on land with a monastery and center, visits from teachers from Figueira, and inner work to contact and release the energies latent in the mountain.

The first phase of this work has already taken place and will be ongoing, i.e. the diffusion work currently taking place in North America, which has provided the impulse and foundation for the visit to Mount Shasta. From there, guidance will be sought regarding how to proceed: possibly offering teachings, receiving visitors, and continuing the operative work in conjunction with other diffusion activities in North America. The Mount Shasta work will provide an important nucleus on the physical plane for this diffusion work. It is an outward expression and response to the work being done by individuals and groups in North American and elsewhere to align with the Hierarchies, and to serve the planetary evolution. All “warriors of light” – including everyone involved in the Figueira work – are indispensable to the manifestation and growth of this work, and all are invited to be part of its unfolding, most importantly through inner work and support, but also externally, as individuals are guided to do so.

We are blessed to be alive in this time when so many opportunities for service are available, when our efforts can make a difference, and where so much help and guidance are being given, where other seekers are appearing to support, help, and join us in these efforts.

(Alan Berkowitz)