Published in the Newsletter titled: Calling Humanity
Volume I - First Semester 2010

The planetary centers are focal points of universal energy in the earth. They act as vortices which capture energy from other dimensions to transform and irradiate it to the terrestrial life. In their essence they are aspects of the universal mind existing in subtle dimensions which aid in the planetary manifestation. Each planetary center has a focal point which is associated with a physical place on earth. Thus, for example, Figueira is considered to be an expression of the planetary center of Mirna Jad.

The centers work in conjunction with each other to form a subtle network through which the inner government of the planet can express itself. They are concerned with the evolution of the planet and channel information from the Universal Mind that is necessary for the life of the planet and its inhabitants.

Associated with the planetary centers are what are called “retreats.” A retreat is a physical place in the earth that exists in a space-time coordinate different from the space-time that we live in, called “real time.” Here live the Hierarchies and the members of the planetary White Brotherhood who serve and assist humanity to receive and assimilate the information channeled by the planetary centers. While a retreat is embedded in physical manifestation the planetary centers exist in a higher level that is concerned with creating what is manifest. Currently there are seven known planetary centers and thirteen retreats. Thus while each planetary center has a retreat connected to it, there are some retreats that are not connected to a planetary center.

What then is a solar disc? A solar disc is a particular form of energy information that is located in a retreat. It is a physical object impregnated with higher vibrations, wisdom and energy so that it can be made available to humanity when we are ready to receive it. There are thirteen solar discs in the America’s, some which are associated with planetary centers, and there are more on other continents.

In light of all this, what remains most important is our inner development and to contact our higher selves. Only through inner contact realized in silence and through the energy of love can we be in alignment with the forces and energies that are guiding the planetary evolution, so that we can cooperate with and be channels for it. Thus the first connection that we have to make is with ourselves. Through this inner contact and by doing the work of self-transformation we can, in turn, align with or contacts the planetary centers, retreats, and solar discs. In this way energy “flows down” from the universal mind through them to us and we become “distributors” of the information contained in them. Our first task therefore is to “know ourselves.” In doing so, the ideas described here will become real because they are in fact aspects of our own inner reality, linking us to greater beings and dimensions. Until then, we can use our understanding of them as a map to consciously align and coordinate ourselves with a deeper reality, and to remind ourselves that planet earth is a vessel for sacred energies, and that we are here to serve a greater, divine purpose.

Adapted from material published in Portuguese in Sinais and from a talk by Shimani titled “Intra-terrestrial retreats and the 13 Solar Discs”.

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