Published in the Newsletter titled: Calling Humanity
Volume I - First Semester 2010

The suffering that is taking place on Earth today is incalculable. Events confirm that we are at the beginning of a process that, in a short period of time, will develop and have an outcome in the “school of pain.”

We can understand this need for learning to be a last resort: without it the self-destruction of the human species on Earth would be inevitable. However, we cannot help but ask ourselves how to moderate such great suffering, contributing in such a way as to help make this inevitable process happen in the most harmonious way possible.

For this reason it would be good to remember that, despite the magnitude of this negative charge, the help available to us on the supramental levels where chaos does not exist is even greater, as is that which is available for contacting them. On those levels, more experienced brothers and sisters who come from other sidereal spheres are safeguarding humanity. But even though they can help those who are receptive, they cannot balance the bad actions that human beings have generated.

Here is how we can contribute toward harmony. And if we take on this task, we will see immediate transformations in our life, as well as beneficial planetary repercussions.

  1. As one pays attention to one’s actions and learns how to control them, one will see more defects and faults in one’s person. If we commit a slip-up, we must immediately declare we will not to let it happen again, but rather, manifest just the opposite. Then carry on decisively.
  2. Do not feed guilt and resentment in oneself or in others. There is no guilt, only chances to learn. One is ready to learn when opening to transformation.
  3. Do not try to justify yourself, either to yourself or to others. Learn through the mistake and through taking the correct next step.
  4. Connect with the innermost levels of your consciousness. Learn how to do this. Everyone knows how, as it is knowledge innate to the being. Recall some moment of great difficulty in which, turning toward God or a higher power, you have sincerely asked for help. That “place” within you where you turned to is where you must return any time when searching for union with divinity. This silent action is profoundly effective and transformative.
  5. Allow compassion to blossom in your being. This does not have anything to do with getting involved or with emotional demonstrations. Compassion is the comprehension of the real needs of others, of being united with the essence of beings.
  6. Make your outer life the truest reflection possible of your highest aspirations. Selfless acts have beneficial and indescribable repercussions in the entire aura of the planet, evoking positive elements, both latent and manifested, in the kingdoms of Nature. Practice this and you will, little by little, know a transcendent joy.
  7. Fear nothing; do not hesitate. Count on the inspiration of your inner and higher self.
  8. Uplift all the love and affection that you are capable of to the high self. Invoke grace, which comes by means of the immortal spirit.
  9. Firmly reject any and all thoughts or imaginations that would deviate you from the chosen goal.
  10. “Do not feed that which must die. Do not sow what should not be born.” Your strength will be proportionately greater the more you are guided by this law.
  11. Bear in mind that other beings await your advancement so they may go forward as well.
  12. Remember what is most important is your complete and crystalline adherence to truth.

Original in Portuguese published on April 4, 2008 in the magazine: “The Time.” (Jornal: O Tempo).