Jose Trigueirinho Netto

Jose Trigueirinho Netto (1931-2018) was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He lived in Europe for a number of years, where he maintained contact with individuals who were advanced on the spiritual path, including Paul Brunton. 

In his own life he was an example of the teachings that he transmitted through books and talks about the transcendence and elevation of the human being, the contact with the soul and with even more profound nuclei of the being, impersonal service, and the link with the Spiritual Hierarchies. 

One of the fundamental elements of his work is to stimulate the expansion of human consciousness and to liberate it from the bonds that keep it imprisoned to material aspects of existence, both external and internal.

 He was the founder of the Figueira Community of Light (website?) and one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Fraternity International Humanitarian Federation (website) and co-founder of the Grace Mercy Order.  He also was an active collaborator, instructor and spiritual protector of three other communities located in Uruguay, Argentina and Portugal. 

In his last 30 years he lived in Figueira, in the interior of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a community that at present has approximately 300 residents and which is visited by thousands of collaborators who are members of a network of humanitarian services and of spiritual studies, which was was always followed closely by Trigueirinho. 

Thanks to his inestimable instruction and his love for the Kingdoms of Nature, and as a result of the exemplary work that he himself implanted in the Figueira community, the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms are the recipients of loving treatment there. 

The Work of Trigueirinho 

The spiritual philosopher Trigueirinho wrote 81 books published originally in Portuguese with many of them translated into Spanish, English, French and German.  He gave more than 3,000 talks that were recorded live and which are available in CD, with some available in DVD and pen drive. 

The primary focus of the first phase of Trigueirinho’s work was concerned with self-knowledge, prayer, instruction and spiritual transformation.  Following this, he began to transmit information with respect to Universal Life and about the assistance that humanity has from the beginning received by means of the Intra-terrestrial White Brotherhood which inhabits the Retreats and the Planetary Centers and also through the Cosmic Brotherhood of the Universe.  He also mentions the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy on the planet and the advent of the new humanity.

 In his last eight years he analyzed with clarity, and with the wisdom that always characterized him, the messages that the Divinity has been giving to the planet as a warning to humanity. 

His work reveals a real comprehension of the significance of all the Kingdoms of Nature on our planet, the true spiritual task of the human being, its place in the universe and also its responsibility before Creation. 

He clarifies the reasons for the crisis that today is devastating humanity and opens perspectives for the beginning of a more luminous cycle for our race.