Jose Trigueirinho Neto. (2007) Noah’s Vessel. Associacao Irdin Editora.
Carmo de Cachoeira, Brazil. ( or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The sinking of the Titanic has become a metaphor for a culture out of touch with external reality. In the ship’s ballroom, members of high society danced the night away while unbeknownst to them, their supposedly “unsinkable ship” was heading towards an untimely end. In Noah’s Vessel, Brazilian author and spiritual teacher Jose Trigueirinho Neto makes the argument that our current culture is similarly out of touch and heading for a disaster. The goal of this book is to help us prepare ourselves spiritually for the transformations that await us and our planet as the forces of change bear down upon us. It is the fifth to be translated into English from Trigueirinho’s voluminous opus of 76 books that are currently available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Evidence is mounting that humanity is facing a crisis of global proportions in this moment of planetary evolution, an ecological and moral crisis that threatens the existence of our home earth, our spiritual mother upon whom we depend on for the essentials of life. This situation has aptly been called “an inconvenient truth” – one whose inconvenience we choose to ignore despite the evidence in front of us, would we only look. Like the socialites on the Titanic, we persist in our lives of superficial comfort, inequitable distribution of resources, and injustice towards other forms of life, “dancing the night away” and willfully ignoring the fact that the very ship we live on, our mother earth, is in danger.

This is not the first time that humanity has faced such a crisis and an impending global transformation. Trigueirinho reminds us of the Biblical Noah, facing the deluge in Noah’s Vessel Review (Berkowitz), p. 2 a society that has lost touch with its spiritual roots, and also the sinking of the continent of Atlantis, which over centuries experienced a decline in its advanced civilization that resulted in a culture of moral degradation and selfishness. He explains these two events in the light of esoteric knowledge and draws lessons from them in order to helps us understand what is happening to humanity now. Trigueirinho explains how in both cases higher forces intervened to prevent humanity from destroying itself and the planet,
preparing a special group of people to survive a deluge that would destroy the majority of humanity, to become the pioneers of a new phase of human evolution that would live closer to its spiritual roots.

It will be clear to the reader of this book that the “stories” of Atlantis and of the deluge at the time of Noah are accepted as historical events rather than as mythological creations. In fact, it is our very desire to reduce spiritual truths to psychological facts that is evidence of the spiritual alienation that Trigueirinho is helping us to understand.

How might we approach this crisis spiritually, as a critical moment in humanity’s and in the planet’s evolution and prepare ourselves for the changes on the horizon?

If the crisis is due to our being out of touch and out of alignment with inner realities and overly focused on the material dimensions, then the solution must be to reconnect ourselves with inner, subtle realities that can be intuitively known and inwardly perceived. If we pursue such a course of development then we will obtain the guidance we need in these difficult times and be in a position to cooperate with the forces which are guiding the planet’s evolution. According to Trigueirinho, those who have prepared themselves will transition into an energetic field where they will be transformed and prepared to continue humanity’s journey on earth. This energetic field is the true Noah’s Vessel Review (Berkowitz), p. 3 “vessel” or “ark” and, while it can manifest itself materially as extraterrestrial phenomena, it is more truly experienced as a non-physical, subtle reality which can “rescue” us from impending disaster.

Reader’s familiar with Rudolph Steiner and Helena Blavatsky will find similarities in Trigueirinho’s analysis of planetary evolution and its crises. Noah’s Vessel is full of esoteric knowledge and understandings, including insights into the true nature of Christianity, our relation with higher beings on other levels of reality and here on earth, the Divine Mother, books and how to read them spiritually, UFO’s, and much more. This book is in a sense prophetic, as it is based on an understanding of the present and the possibilities in the future that is not accessible to most people. As with all true prophecy, it serves its purpose when enough people take corrective action to avert an upcoming catastrophe. It is highly recommended for its insights on contemporary dilemmas and its advice for spiritual attunement.

Alan Berkowitz
Carmo de Cachoeira
March, 2008