The Mystery of the Cross in the Present Planetary Transition
By Trigueirinho. 2003 Irdin Editoria Ltd, Brazil. Distributed in the US by SparrowHawk Press.Reviewed by: Alan D. Berkowitz

The cross has provided a powerful symbol for humanity throughout the ages and most recently as an emblem of the Christian faith. This book explores the occult, symbolic, and esoteric significance of the cross and the life of Jesus as they relate to the current phase of planetary evolution. Trigueirinho is a well-known South American spiritual teacher who has written and lectured extensively on the tasks facing humanity in light of the crisis (i.e., crucifixion) currently facing our planet and its inhabitants.

The Mystery of the Cross in the Present Planetary Transition will be of great interest to students of Esoteric Christianity in particular, and to spiritual seekers in general. Topics covered include: the life of Jesus as an inner drama representing humanity’s relationship to the higher, the difference between Jesus as an incarnated human and Christ as a cosmic principle, and what is needed from seekers willing to serve the greater good at this time of “crucifixion” for the planet earth. The book is rich in esoteric and occult information about Jesus, the Christ, and Christianity; the meaning and symbolism of the cross, and the nature of the inner initiations and service required.

While many use the terms “Jesus” and “Christ” interchangeably, Trigueirinho suggests that what is referred to as “Christ” is a cosmic principle of intelligence (or for the Greeks, a “Logos-principle”) that was manifested in the person of Jesus. Jesus had to be transformed and enlarged in order to express more of this evolving universal intelligence and to fulfill his own planetary task, which in turn symbolizes ours. During his lifetime, Jesus experienced successive initiations that allowed him to serve this function that also were linked to deeper initiations occurring within the Christ principle.

If what occurs on the physical plane of reality expresses subtle events and truths, then the inner and outer events of Jesus’ life can be interpreted symbolically to reveal universal truths and provide insights for spiritual seekers.

The book is dedicated to:

those in the horizontal world of forms who open themselves to the light that descends vertically over them. From the center of their being, and the center of this Cross, may they bring about the redemption of matter – the promise of the coming times. (p. 7)”

This dedication presents us with an image of the Cross as a powerful, transformative symbol picturing the relationship of manifestation to a transcendent divinity.

Trigueirinho’s exposition on the Cross aligns nicely with Paul Tillich’s comment on the function of symbols, which “point beyond themselves, in the power of that to which they point, to open up levels of reality which are otherwise closed, and to open up levels of the human mind of which we are otherwise not aware.”

These functions of a symbol are admirably accomplished by Trigueirinho in The Mystery of the Cross. The only notable flaw in the book is its extensive use of footnotes to explain technical terms that can at times be distracting. Readers who enjoy this book may find additional insights on these themes in Rene Guenon’s Symbolism of the Cross and David Fieldler’s The Cosmic Christ.

During times of planetary transition and crisis teachers come to awaken us and to help us light path for growth and service to others. Trigueirinho accomplishes this in The Mystery of the Cross, which should be of particular interest to members of the Sancta Sophia community.

Alan Berkowitz is a member of Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies and serves on the Board of Directors of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation. He his strongly connected to the work of Trigueirinho and Figueira, which he has visited a number of times. Alan can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.