Excerpt from: Signs of Blavatsky:
An Unusual Encounter for the Present Time
By Jose Trigueirinho Neto
Forthcoming English Publication

There are certain keys that will prepare us as a future race:

  • Eliminate fear, which hinders the correct attitude during an action.
  • Cultivate silence, which is the appropriate atmosphere to maintain in the inner world.
  • Discern the quality and quantity of one’s load, and throw off what is useless.
  • Never promise to anyone anything.
  • Possess few things, only the necessary ones.
  • Never sell the Teachings as they are for the common good.
  • Eradicate cunning, which is synonymous with deference, and cultivate ingeniousness, which is a devotional movement.
  • Never expect to be rewarded.
  • Know that the highest experience is that about yourself, that of the donation of your own spirit in benefit of humanity.
  • Have your own intellect only as an instrument for reasoning, knowing that the direct knowledge is in the wisdom of the higher self, which is SYNTHESIS.