In the planetary kingdom, which includes many worlds, there are also imperfect worlds with races on the surface that still live under the law of birth and death.  And when they have not achieved the knowledge of the perfect law, they will retain aggressive attitudes as happens among the humans on the surface of Earth.  Having developed technology for the purpose of subordinating others, they now try to conquer the cosmos. This is impossible because, like everyone else, they live within the limits that correspond to the degree of evolution that they have achieved.

You have been informed that on several occasions explosions were heard and rains of fire were seen in the atmosphere or in the skies of this planet. What has happened is that spaceships that are working in the orbit of the Earth have accomplished the “involution” of other spaceships that intended to invade the planet and take advantage of it. There are extraterrestrial civilizations (less evolved cosmic races) that would occupy earth in order to maintain it under the influence of the evil forces that still direct it. They would do this to impede the transformation of Earth, but this transformation is already under way and follows the evolutionary plan.

The explosions mentioned occurred in the south of Argentina, in Buenos Aires and in Mendoza, and were produced as a result of the custodial spaceships that, by the thousands, are taking care of Earth’s security.

You do not need to fear from here onwards, because a perfect work is being done in this way, until the time when humanity of the surface, through its new race, will be included in the Interplanetary and Intergalactic Councils and consequently, will have the necessary access to many facts currently unknown. As the laws of the other planes become known, in turn more knowledge of these facts will reoccur. This will come with time and this time is approaching rapidly.

“Miz Tli Tlan, An Awakening World”  pp. 176-177