With respect to the times that are now occurring, one can state and warn that the changes will submit many places to treat experiences, called by some religions “punishment.”  These experiences are provided by the Law of Purification, according to the needs of each region.

There will be those who will be evacuated silently, those who will disappear without leaving a trace and without time to inform others, who themselves may or may not be translated or taken away. Do not create expectations regarding facts, because everything will be completely new to you.

The evacuation accomplishes itself in the same way as the body dies. Everything happens in silence and with joy, with much joy, even in the disaster areas. While some “die,” others leave. Those who “die,” being conscious of the process that is happening, also do it with joy; with joy and in silence, without regrets. Those who leave taking the physical body with them do it with the same harmonious attitude, both internally and externally. Within themselves, everybody understands and lives this unusual reality, knowing why they are leaving, through one process or another.

As Christ said, “Abandon everything and follow Me.” So, one becomes conscious that there exists a parallel world that is calling, in which many will integrate themselves.

Whoever leaves this way will forget this world through which they were passing. Without becoming upset, but understanding that he is an integral part of the world with which he is now going to collaborate, he accepts and becomes conscious of his own task and wherever he is, he will develop it.

In these moments, you will KNOW that all is well. Although the dissuasive forces might regroup themselves to destroy your peace and the true light that was lit in your consciousness, do not let yourself be influenced by any impression of this kind. Hold yourself, in any circumstance, in the highest point of your inner being.

As to the application of the Law of Purification, there will be zones that are more virulent as you will perceive by the examples of what is happening on the surface of the universe-Earth. In other areas there will be a purification that will pass almost unnoticed. Still in others, it will occur in an almost immediate way, without any opportunity for the non-rescuable inhabitants to save themselves. The prophetic books that are known and respected by you refer themselves to these things.

But all the areas will be equally controlled and will have a share in the application of the Law of Purification. No one can integrate themselves into the world that they are searching for, before washing themselves interiorly.  Therefore the task and role of each one is accomplished by trying to liberate oneself inwardly, so that the exterior part will integrate itself definitely into their task, serving in fact in the way that corresponds to it.

“The Fifth Race”  pp. 38-39