Humans have established three fundamental types of activities with money, gold and material goods: the first is buying and selling, in which material goods are exchanged for money or for gold; the second, is lending money, gold and material goods to someone who is obliged to pay it back; the third activity is donation to others.

From the spiritual point of view, of these three ways of dealing with money, those with gold and with material goods have different values. In the first the participants do not create ties among themselves if the transaction pleases everybody and is considered fair by them. In the second, the one who lends is linked karmically with the activities that the other one develops to be able to pay the debt. The methods used to earn that which one needs to pay back enters into the karmic “account” of both, of the one who borrows as well as of the lender. The third method is the only one that one can say is within the spiritual law, if we examine the topic rigorously without compromises with the involutionary forces that are already at the end of their hegemony on Earth. If there are no attachments by the donor and if there is an opening of heart by the beneficiary, links are not created. The donation is then the freest form to deal with money or for doing good if it is done with the correct attitude.

This is also possible in the other two modes of relationship in the absence of attachments or of any other interior compromise. However, without doubt there is always some participation of collective karma, even if a minimum.

A donation that is completely free and without conditions or attachments on the part of the donor (not even with regards to gratitude) is a way of dealing with goods that is nearer to a spiritual vibration and to the superior laws. The two first ones, although correct with regard to the laws of the surface of Earth, violate larger laws. In reality, goods should belong to everybody and, therefore, buying, selling and lending are characteristics of civilizations that donot yet know the true order of the universe.

“The New Beginning of the World” pp. 67-68