Impersonality begins to emerge through a contact with the higher self, but it expresses itself fully only when the monadic energies start flowing freely through the bodies. Therefore, one cannot reach impersonality by means of human effort: it is the fruit of an individual’s surrender to the Regent*, to that which is most elevated in the inner being of one’s self. However, one can prepare the path to receive this precious seed that reaches material life from the sublime worlds. This preparation is done by detachment from what is known, by renouncing the tendencies of the ego, and by searching for the unique essence of life present in everything and in everybody.

It is not through dealing indifferently with others that impersonality is manifested in the external planes. On the contrary, those who know the Truth, bow themselves with reverence to all beings and to them offer the exact portion of energy that is needed, leading the others by means of their surrender and their radiation to release their earthly ties and to contact wider horizons.

In order to see the sunrise, you have to climb high mountains. Only there, far away from the scenery of personal life, can you bathe yourself in the rays of the true existence, that every day invites us to be reborn.

Do not try to do with your hands that which the Spirit must do in you. Let yourself transform into a pure flame of devotion and elevate yourself to the Creator. In this way, and only in this way, can you be able to see His sublime face reflected in all your brothers and, together with them, fulfill the task that was assigned to you.

A new reality can already be seen in the planet, the reality of the Spirit that, free from the material chains, elevates Earth to heaven, bringing from there the sacred balms of coming times. You are part of this great Work, you are bearers of the new seed. Water it then with the pure water of the inner life. Its strengthened seedlings will express the cosmic promise, the supreme destiny of all humanity.

*Regent – Consciousness or nucleus in charge of capturing and transmitting the evolutionary impulse to all the particles existing within a certain area and leading them to realization. 

“Unveiled Secrets – Ibera and Anu Tea”  pp. 27-28