Whoever fears to lose their own life cannot receive the gifts of eternity.

Whoever fears to not be taken into consideration by others cannot, in fullness, merge themselves with the celestial Life.

But whoever surrenders to the Supreme and does not retain anything, understands the call of the stars and, walking the narrow trail of renunciation reaches the high peaks and portals of redemption.

Subdue your inferior nature and offer yourself in full consciousness to That which gives you Life and allows you to dive into the inexhaustible Source.

Do not desire names, because they imprison the mind, nor have ambition for positions, or you will be linked to the viscous soil that deludes with its fleeting shine.

For you it is still difficult to understand Divinity because it takes nothing for itself and keeping itself free of all forms and of all concepts, it remains immaculate. 

If your smallness reveals itself before the immensity of the celestial spheres, understand the silent message that the shine of the stars is trying to transmit to you.

Remind yourself that there is lightness in the flight of small birds. Listen, pilgrim: recognize in ephemeral things the mark of immortality. When you move through the world of changing forms, let yourself be permeated by the unchanging reality.

The veil will dissolve itself after your surrender, but you must first recognize the Law. There is no step that cannot be given and no path that cannot be trod by those who revere the Sacred.

Learn from the waves of the sea the completion of the phases; learn from the succession of the seasons the living of the cycles. Learn from the flower purity of surrender and from the group service of the bees. Follow, pilgrim, the directions of your Path of Light.

Make yourself deaf to the calls of the world, silence yourself to their outcry, keep yourself away from incorrect acts, close your eyes to profane visions, renounce the taste of that which links you to illusions. If you conduct the senses as a skilled rider, you will awaken hidden faculties, not for your delight, but for redemption and service.

These faculties are the lanterns that will show the way for those who have not freed themselves yet; it is through the warm flame that their heart will be heated, awakening them to a fraternal and spiritual life. Continue, ardent seeker, make the senses into collaborators of the Lord, teach them to adore the One.

Remind yourself that your life does not anymore belong to you, remind yourself that you belong to the Infinite. 

“We Are Not Alone” pp. 27-30.