Three brothers went to the desert to learn with Zamir the art of weaving.

Zamir lived alone, but his work was known in all the continents. His art, born from silence and solitude brought to people the balms of elevation and cure.

Even knowing that Zamir had never accepted a disciple, the three decided to go in search of this prodigious master.

Arriving at the door of his home, the oldest said:

- Oh Great Master, we have traveled for many days and many nights to learn with you the art of weaving. Can you receive us?

From inside one could hear the voice of Zamir.

- I ask you then, why do you want to learn this profession?

Glad that their words had reached Zamir, the oldest of the brothers hurried himself to answer:

- I want to portray in the material the beauty of morning and the shine of the stars, and to bring others the glory Nature is imprinted with.

Then the second brother also expressed his aspirations:

- Zamir, I want to weave garments of warriors and priests, of governors and of sages so that they will fulfill their tasks with more glory and splendor.

When a third answer was not given, because the youngest brother remained in silence, Zamir inquired:

- And the third of you, why did he come to Zamir?

And the youngest then replied:

- In Truth, Master, I came to greet you. I do not search for myself. I know that wherever I will be placed by the wise hands of Life, there will be my field of service and work. I will leave now to return because I don’t want to take your time. I came to you because I knew that I had to do this, and to offer you my humble greeting.

Zamir said to the three:

- The first and second can return. You still have to learn much from life to be able to express the real art of weaving. But to the third one I say: the door of this house is open. Come in because you already know the first lessons of this art: the forgetting of yourself, surrender and service. Come because to you will be revealed the secret of the right tension of the threads and the correct mixture of colors, and to you will be unveiled the mystery of the Great Loom.

“Travel through Subtle Worlds”, pp. 117 and 118