You live in a time of awakening. 

Your search is not limited to you, but is accomplished in conjunction with others.

The search is for the real state of your being.

Don’t go back to what happened in the past because, if you do so, it will limit your memory. Don’t limit your union to the corporeal form or to the appearance of facts.

Your being is in permanent contact with other beings.

The limitation that you encounter at present is not in the Law of Spirit but in a temporary condition of material manifestation.

It is necessary to create an opening for the supra-consciousness, in order for the interior and superior being to elevate itself from this identity with the physical body, dissolving the preoccupation with the level already attained.

There is one life after another, one world after another, after the dissolution or abandonment of the physical body.

When you project beyond the physical body then you are the traveler of a new mind. In this state, all the unknown circumstances and effects start to manifest themselves in you. In this projection to outside of the physical body, pay attention to not fall into idolatries. Project yourself to the interior of your being, where there is Light that reflects itself to the exterior.

In doing so, every group and each individual will understand that the superior values are not the values of the three dimensional world.

Change your state of consciousness, change.

“Miz Tli Tlan – An Awakening World” pp. 150-151