The key to the illumination of humanity is in the relationship among the three levels* of manifestation of life in each cycle. However, to be granted the knowledge and the power to express the law, it is not sufficient to have knowledge of the existence of these three levels, because this power and knowledge is derived from contacting a nucleus within oneself that is beyond this triple manifestation and its root.

There is a principle that unites the material particles and the intangible life. This principle which allows the co-existence of the worlds must be found by the human being so that by knowing it, one can collaborate intelligently in the great work of Creation. It is therefore important that an inextinguishable fervor moves the being to search for it. Each overcoming prepares us to live through more subtle tests.

The pain of being immersed in ignorance has to reach unbearable limits so that we will forget everything that concerns ourselves, and will transform ourselves into a channel for the liberation of others. Having reached higher levels, we will, on uncountable occasions, have to help those who are imprisoned in forms, deluded by the fleeting movements.

One who really serves the evolutionary purpose deepens their energy in the subliminity of the cosmos, in intelligence and in matter, placing a focus on the harmony of the three worlds. In this work, the tuning of consciousness must be accompanied, in a special way, by the strengthening and the elevating of the vibration of the bodies.  It is especially necessary to act dispassionately without involvement in that which occurs in the concrete levels. It is also necessary to learn the spontaneity of Nature in which death, life, and transformation are common facts.

*They are: form, consciousness and essence.

“New Oracles” -  pp. 106-107.