For the individual who sincerely aspires to tread the spiritual path, detachment and absence of searching for supra-sensorial stimuli are fundamental. 

The goal must be the enlargement of consciousness and the disposition, with sincere openness, to express patterns of more and more subtle behavior.

By surrender, service, love and gratitude, the consciousness can elevate itself and recognize the magnanimity promised to the being after the present planetary purification.

Even if you deny it, Grace returns to knock on your door. Even if you have expelled it from your being in order to worship other values, it comes back. Even if you despise it, involving yourself with that which is in transition, it will always be ready to welcome you.

When you are circled by the agents of the shadows, do not occupy yourself with them directly. Concentrate your attention on the pact with Our Light, which is an incorruptible link in the great cosmic chain. In this way you will remain detached from the reactions of your bodies and will be able to more freely serve as a channel for the silence and the hidden superior energies.

Surrender, surrender and surrender to this energy.  It is the master key that is offered to you to cross the sacred portal.

The Cosmos knocks at the door of humans and, through its slits and openings, brings the Light of life to its dark dwellings. It brings the message of the christic call in the inner being, inviting it to enter in this universe of beauties and mysteries. Then what is within us can surpass its limits and unite itself to what is reflected in the cosmos, transcending formal projections and unveiling itself in the unmanifested face of what is unknown to the mind.

Therefore, humanity has been given three keys:




United they open the portal of liberation.

“Steps for Now” pp. 6, 7, 19, 38 and 41