The common mind does not have access to the internal life. The collective mind of humanity at present is a field of friction and conflict, where the involutionary forces are loose. The Hierarchy cannot descend to this level because disharmony is so great that its light would be disintegrated. 

In order for our mind to be able to support the evolutionary work, it is necessary to take care of it. Otherwise, there will be a permanent split between the mind that has rebelled, which does not understand, does not agree and which resolves to act on its own, and with the Hierarchy that works in supra-mental levels. 

One way to include the mind in the process of spiritual elevation that the heart has already experienced, is to study sacred topics. To read spiritual teachings and to reflect on them, to systematize the knowledge transmitted by the Hierarchy, to relate concepts of several schools of spiritual thought, identifying what they have in common and what is most elevated, are practices that can help the mind to not deviate itself from the path and to not become an obstacle for spiritual growth.

Another possibility for mental work is the constant remembering of the Spiritual Self that lives in our interior. If during the day while doing concrete tasks, one remembers, to remember and reverence the Spiritual Self, we will begin to establish a connection with it and we will open ourselves to still higher contacts.

We can also remember frequently the inner Hierarchy of the Earth and intend that it will do a work on us. In order to keep the mind occupied with this topic we can, among other things, read about it, listen to talks on the topic, pray, and reflect on the qualities of a certain Hierarchy that inspires devotion in us.

“Spiritual Work with the Mind”  pp. 55-57