The relationship of human beings with money and material goods is in crisis and ready to be deeply transformed. We are already living this transition in the whole planet. Any evolutionary activity in this time, would not serve to fix systems and economic regimes that one encounters in their final phase of expression. It is for what will be expressed on planet Earth some day that we work, and not for what still exists and is being extinguished.

The process that is currently used for the circulation of gold and money is still linked to the phase in which the planet was becoming more and more material, solid and concrete. Now, however, is beginning a cycle of progressive refinement that implies a change of behavior of the human being in dealing with material goods. As we know, all planets have a phase in which they gradually materialize until they reach the peak of their density, as has happened to Earth; then another cycle of dematerialization begins until it totally achieves the supra-physical levels of existence, disappearing from the dense physical plane.

The extensive growth of materialism that we can still see today is, therefore, linked to this end of the cycle. From now on, the opposite movement initiates itself; its symptoms can already be perceived in many sectors of human life. The growing interest in supra-physical facts, the development of superior telepathy and abstract thinking; the consciousness of the spiritual purpose of the world and of humanity are already visible. 

The conflict between the forces of density, of materialism in all its manifestations, and the forces of the new Earth and the ever increasing link with the supra-physical worlds is already evident. On the subtle levels of planetary life, this conflict has already been resolved and there is no struggle, however, in the three dimensions in which the human being is conscious – physical, emotional and mental – it still exists in a way that is very clear. This happens still because these planes take a long time to reflect the real, superior situation. On the more elevated levels of consciousness, for example, each individual of the surface of Earth has already decided which path to follow: that of the evolutionary or of the involutionary energies. However, on the level of personality, people do not have conscious awareness of the choice they made and, therefore, still have mental, emotional and even physical-etheric struggles, as can be seen in the precarious state of health that often times manifests itself.

There are still conflicts on the psychological levels of the individual who, in his life, does not recognize that having material goods for their own use or only for the use of those who are strictly linked to them karmically is a phase that has been surpassed in the internal planes of his consciousness. Many already have the tendency to use these goods not for themselves anymore, but for the purpose of an evolutionary plan they have begun to envision and know, sometimes intuitively, others through external signs that are very clear.

However, before somebody can really be useful and integrated with a plan of work for the well-being of humanity, it is necessary that they have done some work in the sense of transcending their own desire, their own sensuality and their own common thought. Desire leads an individual to pursue and acquire the superfluous; sensuality makes him interpret life in a materialistic way and common thought makes him follow formulas, concepts or previous experiences that often no longer serve him, for the Spirit always renews itself and, therefore, does not repeat situations when the lessons taught have already been learned.

“The New Beginning of the World” pp. 73-76