Without knowing which of his subjects to choose as his heir, a wise King decided, secretly, to bring them together and test them before making a decision.

The first test which he presented them was with regard to envy. From the twenty and one servants, only fourteen passed it satisfactorily. He then placed them in a test of subtle intrigue, after which only ten were able to continue. The king then prepared for these select individuals a test of persistence and only seven remained with him. Afterwards was a test relating to gratitude and once it was completed, there were three who could continue.

For them the wise King presented a test relating to treason and only two remained. For them, finally came the test of power which was won by the one who seemed to be the most weak. 

In the face of a strong storm, it is easier for the small herb to survive, which, slim and flexible, is able to fold itself whereas a great tree with its height breaks in the middle.

“Travel to Subtle Worlds”  p. 113