Not wanting to live anymore that which was destined for him, Saki, the young prince, asked permission from his father to leave on a journey in the direction of other lands.

With great disappointment, but knowing that he could not deny this request, the King gave Saki three presents: a horse, a coat and a small pair of scissors. Even though he did not understand the reason for the last present, Saki accepted the three because he did not want to further upset the old king. He left.

He crossed the frontiers of the kingdom and walked on unknown trails. The coat he received from his father protected him against the coldness of the night, the horse took him agilely through the paths. However, the scissors were of no use.

After a lot of travel, crossing villages, rivers and valleys, Saki found himself facing a large mountain and, in the middle of the woods that covered it, he made out a trail that would take him to its top.

Quickly he entered into it. However, before reaching the first level of stone, half of the way, his horse broke its hoof and Saki had to continue on foot.

Without being discouraged, he continued on the narrow trail. He did not think about the kingdom he had left nor about the experiences on his journey. He only wanted to reach the top of the mountain and this goal, without his realizing it, took over his whole attention.

When he had travelled two-thirds of the distance, a strong storm came, causing the erosion of a part of the trail and throwing the coat that Saki had received from his father far away. Without being able to return, there remained for him the opportunity to go ahead, and even though depressed by the events, he continued on his way. Climbing, he arrived at where it seemed to be the end, and he saw that he had not yet encountered the highest part of the mountain. There was a very steep part to be climbed, which could only be seen from that elevated point that he had reached.

Even tired, he continued.

Neither the cold nor hunger made him retreat. Three steps from his destiny, encountering a snake ready to attack him and frightening him, the youth slipped and his clothes got caught on the point of a rock. Now he could not move and the snake was coming closer.

As the snake coiled itself, preparing itself to bite him, he remembered the little pair of scissors he had received from his father. Rapidly he cut his clothes, freeing himself and in a jump he reached the top of the mountain.

To his surprise, he found there a cavern and, from its interior, emanated a brightness. Exhausted, the youth resolved to go towards that light.

As he walked, the light transformed itself into the figure of an ancient sage who had lived in the court of his father. Approaching Saki, he held his hands and said:

- We were waiting for you. You have arrived.

“Travel to Subtle Worlds”, pp. 27-28