What you can do on your own is to withdraw the senses and to bring back together all your attention on one point and then elevate it into a complete surrender, offering it to the Creator. In order to do so it is necessary for you to consider the Path to Divine Life as the greatest treasure and the most valuable good, because if it is not- even though you long for the quietness of the senses -  they will not obey you when you call them to retreat. The senses normally do not have any interest in the divine life and, will not know silence if they do not complete a certain stage of the Path until they finally discover that it is the true and only destiny.

This silence is necessary.  A calm sea is necessary for you to be able to study with serenity the design of the lands that encircle you. This study is not done in schools. The features of these lands will be revealed to you when your boat finally allows itself to be taken to them, where they have been awaiting you for a long time.

So you will perceive that, even if you have been told that the destiny of everybody is to reach these inner worlds, you can only reach them when in your own garments certain works have been accomplished, when they will already have certain vibrations transformed and transmuted. As these states are being transcended the individual detaches from the material aspects to which he was linked by affinity or by vibrating correspondence.

You can see that you will have a lot of work if your essence already lives in unison with the superior planes, and with the nuclei of pure spiritual and divine irradiation, while you are in service fulfilling specific material stages in bodies that do not correspond to your inner state.

Did you know why you were destined to live this situation? If in your being emerges the smallest questioning and non-acceptance of all that you have received, you should know that surely this situation is still appropriate in order for you to grow in gratitude, obedience and surrender. If you have not been able to impregnate your material vehicles with these qualities, how can you expect to be freed from the terrestrial planes? We repeat: have you come closer to knowing silence? Not the silence of a muted external, but a silence which is the fruit of surrender, the silence that is the only king on an earth that has offered itself to the Supreme Royalty.

“From Struggle to Peace” pp. 31-32