Published in the Newsletter titled: Calling Humanity
Volume I - First Semester 2010
(Translated from Sinais de Figueira, Second Semester 2009, Year 7, #18, p.3)

Is there hope in light of the current planetary situation?

Beyond the atmosphere that we know of in the physical plan exists an immaterial atmosphere. It is there that we can find the essence of the elemental life, the life of devas, and the kingdoms of nature. From this supra-atmosphere the planet receives cosmic waves that it absorbs and reproduces to maintain its life. It is from there that we find that the planet is irradiating a strong expression of love. This supra-atmosphere is what maintains the terrestrial magnetic axis in equilibrium. It is this atmosphere that gives beneficial influences to the planetary centers, and the poles that humans know. It is a live consciousness maintained by the spiritual hierarchies which is still not recognized by the majority of human beings.

The supra-atmosphere can dissolve a catastrophe before it materializes in the physical plane. It can also adjust irregular planetary movements. When negative waves are received into this atmosphere they are transmuted. However, if this negativity surpasses certain limits then it is transferred to other universes. This process requires the help of the spiritual hierarchies and immaterial extra-terrestrial beings that, with large space-ships and inconceivable resources, absorb these forces and send them to distant planets capable of supporting them and re-introducing them into the evolutionary field of the universal energy.

The regent center of the planet – Miz Tli Tlan – is opening a door to directly link our atmosphere with the supra-atmosphere. It is activating this connection, which is a channel where the universal energy can come to earth to elevate and rescue it, in spite of the destructive actions of humanity. But for this to occur it is necessary to have the agreement of the more conscious part of humanity. It is in the level of the monadic regent, the deepest nucleus of the being, that we, as cosmic beings, participate in this process.

Are the spiritual hierarchies more present today than in the past?

The spiritual hierarchies have always been present to humanity, but in this epoch the different dimensions are interpenetrating with each other more easily. Thus, the human being who tries to invoke the spiritual level of life becomes naturally conscious of these many planes, either for a long time or for even an instance, and therefore becomes capable of entering into contact with the energies or beings that are existing there. In recent contacts established between the superior mental plane and the spiritual plane, members of the hierarchy have alerted us to the arrival of a critical moment, one that was announced many years ago. At this time we can perceive that millions of beings passing through an experience of poignant anguish, one that can even be felt from a far distance. The clamor for help is immense. The earth is suffering. Strong layers of protection must be created so that the condition of the planetary psychic aura is not more aggravated. Those who are conscious of the necessity to clean the terrestrial atmosphere could provide an inestimable service by praying with the heart, with feeling. They need to have faith that positive waves will arrive wherever they are most needed. These self-abnegating servers are not deterred by the difficulties that can arise in the prayer work, but are dedicated to this work knowing that there is no more time to loose. It is in this path of service that the hierarchies can be more easily found.

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