Trajectory of an Instructor - Trigueirinho and Paul Brunton 

Excerpted from a collection of lectures by Trigueirinho which document his development as a spiritual teacher and the development of his work.

In 1976 an important event took place, an awareness of a contact in the physical plane, of an incarnated Overself that was definitively working with my Overself, but at time I did not recognize this as such.  It was recognized by me only as a great comprehension, only that, as a work in common on the physical plane.   But in 1976 there was an awareness of this contact.  In 1980, I perceived that for twenty-five years a process of awakening had been working, both individually and in group, sometime in physical groups and sometimes in groups not physically, but already in 1980 a work had been established of twenty-five years.  And, in this year I had a clarity that I temporarily would need to interrupt the work with courses and the work of awakening that I was doing here on the physical plane, and that I needed to pass an indeterminate time again in Europe.  And when I arrived there I entered into contact with a great Force, and then I became aware of a great force in the physical plane that, until this moment, I had consciousness of only in the subtle planes.  I used to feel this union, this help and all of this, but I had not yet entered into contact so strongly with it as I did in 1980.  And this was my meeting on the physical plane with Paul Brunton, which for me synthesized a series of situations and which clarified many things for me.  It was a meeting in which my self-confidence was worked upon very much, in this meeting.  Although we did not speak about this subject during the whole meeting, but this is what was being worked upon.  This was being clarified and this is what was being stimulated.  Not a self-confidence of the personality, but a self-confidence in the means of trusting in the Divine.


Excerpts from the books of Trigueirinho regarding Paul Brunton

On the Notebooks (Excerpted from the Spanish Edition of the "Esoteric Glossary").

A monumental work of rare philosophical, spiritual and human value written over the course of several years and published in 1984 in English… Synchronized with extra-planetary archetypical patterns even when addressing humanity's terrestrial issues, it contains information and instructions that lead us to understand life in a more vast and deep manner. Written by a wise man - Paul Brunton (1898-1981) - who became entirely human in his expression and service to humanity and who "realized in his being and in his life the possibility that we have to achieve  nobleness and auto-perfection", as he is described by his editors at Larson Publications (Burdett, New York).

Presented in sixteen volumes composed of brief reflections, it is directed to people in different stages of development. His suggestions and statements can be understood on many levels in a way that everyone may take what corresponds to him or herself.

Paul Brunton clarifies, reveals, points and instructs with clarity, wisdom and accuracy about topics normally considered complex.

To overcome the influence of the zodiacal circle and free itself from the terrestrial sphere of life, the human consciousness needs to contact impulses coming from the monadic level and from immaterial cosmic sources. This being true, when in relation to teachings only the energy radiated by an adept can provide this zodiacal contact. A long time ago P.B. transcended the domains of the zodiac and this Sun. The interaction with Sirius energies allows the reader to establish broad links with supra-mental levels. "After death I will be taken to my origin star, Sothis for the Egyptians, Sirius for the westerns, and at last I will be happy [...] Sirius, formerly called the Dog Star, has a symbolic meaning: it represents the hidden knowledge of the hidden truth", says P.B. in these Notebooks. And he adds: "I keep myself in silent darkness and external inactivity while I await the moment in which, by irremediable necessity, I will be accepted as I am and with my conditions. These times will not come before the Armageddon". In order to understand this sentence it is necessary to consider it as the voice of wisdom and truth and not as the voice of an individual. "Can anyone know something about the other to write their true biography? I completely doubt it".

From the book "Unveiled Secrets."

An Adept, a member of the Fraternity of Sirius, he was incarnated in the Earth in this century. Before his external consciousness awakened completely to his inner reality, he contacted many philosophical and religious currents of thinking, along with initiates, mystics and saints. He traveled to the most hidden places in the world, harvesting and planting seeds of the sublime spirit's life, until he unraveled for himself mysteries that can only be seen by those whose hands raise up empty to the skies.

In P.B. books are outlined revelations that can now, at the present time, can be expressed more clearly. Despite having left a large range of manuscripts his true task was an inner task, allowing for the introduction of the energies of Sirius into the orbit of the Earth and also into the material levels. His actions were deep, raising the superior sub-levels of the mental to a direct radiation of wider levels and creating access for the soul's coalition with its monad so that it could be reflected externally. The higher self (or soul), a term often employed, may not always refers to the soul in the causal level, but also to the monadic core that has already absorbed the soul in its center.

Immeasurable are the beneficial consequences of the presence of an adept like PB in our planet. The energy radiated by him is food of the fire of the true life. Let us not extinguish it even when the oppositional forces try to turn it off.