Teachings on the Planetary Center and Solar Disc of Mount Shasta, California

July 4, 2010 - "Conversas Especiais 728” 23/728.  

...Why Mount Shasta at the moment? Because this link of consciousness of Mount Shasta with Mirna Jad… this today is what we have to be consciously working on very well.  Because this will provide many things and, in the case of Figueira, in the case of this work, it will provide the deepening of the contact of the Human Kingdom with the Devic Kingdom here in Figueira…  (the devas) are here and this contact with the Mount Shasta´s Intraterrestrial Retreat, this will produce a new configuration for Mirna Jad´s works. 

… We have to take care a little bit more of our connections with the Intraterrestrial Retreats, mainly our links with Mount Shasta.  Because Mount Shasta must be the first community to be founded in this direction.  Because there will be many others spiritual communities suitable for this age.  And Mount Shasta will be one of the first.  To Mount Shasta people already are being called to form this community.  And we already have two co-workers from the US who are going there and we have a co-worker from the Monasteries here that is going  there as well – ready to start the Mount Shasta´s community.  So, we have a lot of work.  We have to know where we are, what we're doing, what we are here for. So, the plan will be revealing itself, the plan will be showing itself.  Because now is the time for these things to show themselves.  Before it was not.  Now is the time, because we are ready with a prepared base… 

Now, the order Grace Mercy – is someone thing that has always existed. Not always materialized, but when she was not materialized, she existed in other planes – this order Grace Mercy, along with the foundation of the community in Shasta – that must be called the Shasti Community – the community name is Shasti. In languages that are not ours, declensions exist…. Then, this Shasti community will be founded, or already is being established, to strengthen certain souls… 

… these souls who are unaware of the Hierarchy, when they get this awareness    – and this would be the work of Mount Shasta – when they get this awareness  they immediately feel redeemed of confusion and darkness where they are.  And then, feeling that they are redeemed, they enter in a new system.  Anyway, this is a very broad work. It is a work unknown to us.  It is a work that we have to live. We have to live here (i.e. in Mirna Jad) because it is connected with Mount Shasta. So, these are things that we'd have to put in our prayers, in our reflections.  To put within.  Ask your Inner Self….  So, we need to learn how to solve things inside, and it is reflected out here. And when reflects out here, it's all done, i.e. what should be done. 


Mount Shasta’s Galactic Role, the Monastery and the New Humanity

November 24, 2010  - "Uncommon Travels” 14/361

Mount Shasta is a great core of Devic work and its relationship with Mirna Jad has formed a large laboratory, a field of creation of many things.  So, there is a connection between Mount Shasta and Mirna Jad… Perhaps then, that is the reason why a Mirna Jad´s monk is designated to go to Mount Shasta, to be one of the founders of the monastery there, because Mount Shasta works with Mirna Jad as a Planetary Center. Mount Shasta is a core that brings in, which gives us energy and codes coming from the center of the Galaxy.  So, it is very, very important Mount Shasta.  Mount Shasta transmits us codes and energies coming from the center of the Galaxy… 

So it is a very strategic place to open a monastery… It is very important that this be a rigorous monastery, because Mount Shasta is really one of the most strategic points on earth, according to the Universal and Galactic point of view… 

Mount Shasta has the codes that shape the formation of these vehicles, these vehicles in consciousness.

Mount Shasta is not about physical things. Then it has the codes that came from the center of the Galaxy, so that the new race consciousness could be a consciousness that has a vehicle much more powerful than our vehicles in our consciousness.

Well, these codes that Mount Shasta uses, are not only codes that relate to humankind, but Mount Shasta also keeps codes that are related to the vegetable kingdom, and through the vegetable kingdom, stimulated by Mount Shasta, we're getting in touch, in a certain extent, with the foreshadowing of the new vegetable kingdom.  For as there will be a new humanity, there will be a new vegetable kingdom. There will be a new mineral kingdom. And all this there, is boiling in Mount Shasta… So what is happening there is a real laboratory waiting for the Planetary Transition.

… the Planetary Centers are already working for the new land, for the new race, for the new humanity, for the new vegetable kingdom, for the new animal kingdom.   All of them are already working for it.  And it is great that these things are known to us, so that we also can go on working for the New Land.  Because while we are here, incarnated in these physical bodies, in this everyday situation, in this decadent civilization, while we are here we can stop wasting time with the everyday life, can’t we?  We can be here already working, as a function of the new land, and the new race, of the new kingdoms – can’t we?  And Mount Shasta teaches us about this. 

(he then talks about the importance of pine trees and their role in channeling energies from higher dimensions, and the prevalence of pine trees in the Mt Shasta area.) 

..this Monastic Life we live today is the preparation for what will be the life of humanity in the New Land. The  Humanity's New Earth will not live like us. The Humanity's New Earth will be within the Monastic Law…  And what is the Monastic Law? It is a Law that joins us directly with the very highest that human consciousness can contact.  And the Monastic Law will be the New Earth´s Life, because this humanity, the New Humanity living the Monastic Law, will be able to be contacted with the highest levels that human consciousness can reach.  So today the Monasteries are a preparation for this.  Our Monastic Life today is starting to print in our cells, is starting to print in the mind of the planet, in today's life, something that is just a seed.  And you see that the Pines are more aware of this as plant life than most of us.