(Excerpted from the Messages of Mary)

“In the eyes of God, the soul lives its faith.” 
“Come into My Peace and live in the Faith of My Immaculate Heart”
“Peace for all.  Faith for each heart.”

“Follow the path of faith that My Son is revealing to you.”
“…the prayer from the heart awakens faith that is supported by the Flame of the Holy Spirit.”
“When you have converted the heart you may know that faith has gently settled like a Living Flame in your lives.”
“…it is on this path where you may find peace and faith for the heart.”

“My words of Peace want to be like the Heavens in the hearts of all souls.  I want you to be able to recognize celestial peace so that through pure prayer, made with the heart, you may live peace on Earth.”

“In this way My children, each of your hearts will commune at the table with My Son, and will be able to witness His Sublime Heart of Peace”
“Little children: each group of prayer must irradiate its seed of peace, so that it sprouts through your prayers.”
“The more you believe that God is everything for your lives, the plans of Peace may be a living reality for all My children.”
“God wants for this hour to arrive with His Fountain of Mercy and Prodigies, through all the Marian hearts that answer the call for peace and redemption of all creatures of this world.”
“…you will need to build a path permeated by My Peace and My Love.”

Humility and Charity
Children, God waits from you for an infinite opening that is born from your little hearts, an opening that brings you to donate yourselves in charity and in humility so that you are able to see the face of My Son in each of your brothers and sisters.
Find a safe refuge in My Son, Jesus, so that in this way He fills you with His gifts of peace and love.  Search, through prayer for the Kingdom of Heaven. Cultivate meekness in your hearts so that in your lives is awakened humility.  Remember all the works of charity you may perform, from the one to the other. 

For this dear children, the ample practice of permanent prayer will permit you to mature as consciousnesses so that the wisdom of the Holy Spirit may lead you in humility to the Will of God.
Cheer up your soul when you sing to God.  Smile to the life that was gifted and given to you, live the example of humility for life.
 Dear children, if you had conceived a humble spirit humanity might already be different and it would be permeated by a Higher Grace. 
Imitate Jesus in the simple examples so that your lives may find the path of humility which all humanity should pass through before the Throne of God.
I want, My children, that you may learn to love through the example of humility that Christ expressed when He lived in the world and shared His prodigies and teachings of love with Me, His Mother.
Dear children, the joy of the heart will take you to live a true humility that will conduct you to the purity and to the transparency of each one of the intentions of life. 

My children, each act of love and charity will place you in the Kingdom of the Father, according to the plans of Peace that My Heart proposes for this end of time.
With immense joy to Heaven, today renew the vows of charity and love that you have made to God the Father. 

This path of reconciliation and merciful forgiveness that you are being called to live is in the name of all of humanity that, during these last times, offends God.
God the Father is calling you to quickly renounce yourself and to forgiveness among people; that way everything can change.
Your lives are contemplated by My Son and He sees you all as souls in a great school that is called the school of forgiveness and redemption.

Cooperate with the presence of the fraternity that My Son irradiates for each soul.  Know My children, that deep in all your hearts you are one with God.
Thus you will be able to live the fraternity that is needed for the conversion of the world and especially, of all the souls that have distanced themselves from the love of God.