Excerpts from Transcriptions

Complied for members of the North American Network of Light
August, 2012

At each meeting with Me the Kingdom of My Peace is established and the world is relieved of the pain and suffering that many hearts still live.  And if you join Me in prayer not only will you be with Me but you will also be with the Will of God.  I find you day by day not only in prayer but also in your hearts that must rejoice at this time for meeting with Me.”  Mary, April 13, Salto, Uruguay

May 25, Fatima, Portugal

Mother Maria Shimani : And with this feeling of gratitude in the heart, of an immense gratitude for everything that our Divine Mother gives us, let us commit ourselves to deepening in Her words and in everything that She told us today.

And now as in all Apparitions, we will make a report on what happened while the coming of the Mother was being prepared for and also what happened during the Apparition in the planes where She manifests.

During each Apparition when we start with prayer and afterwards during the Apparition, a series of movements happen which take place in the planes where our Mother manifests.  In general these are movements performed by angelic hosts.  All these movements always have a motive.  As we get to know these movements we understand the task of our Divine Mother a little better.

When we started the cycle of public Apparitions, in the beginning we did not report what happened in the other planes.  Later on She asked us to make a synthesis of what took place so that everybody could understand what happens when the Divine Mother comes to us and then understand how Her task develops…

Mother Maria Shimani: One of the things when would like to clarify is that this small gesture on our part, when we do it sincerely and for love of the Divine Mother, when we overcome our prejudices and we offer ourselves for this service, this has a repercussion in Heaven that we cannot even imagine.  Especially if we are conscious that we are performing this movement out of love for others.  We do not perform this movement to go ask the Virgin for something for ourselves, we do it because it is something that She asked of us, and for others and not for  ourselves.  Because this is so rare in humanity, it has a great value in Heaven.

…It is very important to know that, with respect to the process of the Apparitions, what She transmits and reveals as well as the depth with which She approaches each theme depends not only on those who are here in the front, but on each one of you.  If you do not collaborate in the attunement, the condition is not created for Her to come closer. If we are distracted or indifferent this means that, as representatives of humanity, we do not have interest in that which is happening.

The Divine Mother has a permission from the Creator to manifest Herself. The more we are attuned and interested, it is as if we are saying to God and to the Universe that we are deeply thankful for what is happening. Therefore, the permission for her to manifest with intensity each time will be greater.  So the approaching and the task that She performs with us, the Graces that She may pour depends on us because we know that the love of our Divine Mother is already here.

Thus we all participate actively in the process of the Apparitions and this is the most important thing that all of us need to know. It does not depend only on the angels, on the Divine Mother, on Friar Elias or on the monks who are here. It is a task that we realize amongst all.

May 26, Fatima Portugal

The task intensifies more and more as the days go by, so we need to be more strong to accompany Her wherever She goes.  And when we speak of being strong, we mean all of us, because you also need to accompany us.  Each of you, from your homes, from your groups of prayer, need to accompany us and accompany Her in this task. Thus it is how we will form all of what She calls a Marian Army.  So we will wait for all your hearts in these places, in addition to all those who can physically go there.

April 12, Casa Redencion, Uruguay

Mother Maria Shimani: This task the Divine Mother has asked Friar Elias, receiving every day early in the morning this message to be transmitted to the whole humanity, is a permanent guide, it directs us so that we may be led under Her mantle and Her protection.

We should deepen into these messages that, despite seeming so similar, in each one She gives us a key that is for us to discover. If we could follow, lovingly, the indications of the Mother, day by day, our lives would be different; but as we do with all mothers, sometimes we do not listen well or we do not want to listen to them. But now it is time to pay attention.