José Maria Campos (Clemente) MD

Medical doctor, researcher, author, member of the Figueira Coordinating Committee


One sunny afternoon, a neurologist was walking by the docks with his teenage son.  Suddenly a man appeared, totally out of his mind.  With his firearm, the man shot at random.  One bullet hit the doctor’s son and killed him immediately.  This unexpected and brutal experience shocked the doctor deeply.  He felt helpless to have avoided what had just happened.  And within one month, the doctor was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which was duly treated and removed in the conventional way.  But with this experience, he started to suspect that there might be a relationship between the psychic shock he had experienced and the cancer that came afterwards. 

Two years later, while working at a female cancer clinic, when examining the patients’ case histories, the doctor noticed that many had suffered similar traumas.  Looking at the CAT scan images of the brain of his patients, he noticed strange patterns, which at first he thought were due to technical problems.  The patterns were concentric circles, just like the circles that are formed on the surface of water when we throw a stone in a calm lake.  These patterns appeared in various parts of the brain.  After several years of research, involving thousands of cases, the doctor was able to relate a patient’s specific trauma with the patterns in cerebral CAT scan images and the physical organ where the cancer appeared.  Thus, for the first time and in a very direct way, he established three levels of manifestation of cancer: the psychic level, the brain level, and the level of the inner organs.  This was a milestone for the medical science, which even today is looking for the cell or DNA that causes cancer. 

Spiritual science, on the other hand, has always recognized the karmic origin of illnesses.  It tells us that cancer is an externalization of the negative psychic accumulation created by the person in previous lives.  This accumulation corresponds to destructive actions in the past: killing of the animals, cruelty in relation with equals and the destruction of other forms of life.  Some of this accumulation can be worked out in the incarnations following the incarnation when they were created and also in the intervals between incarnations.  But the parts that have not been worked on create a predisposition to cancer.  So, the illness is an opportunity for purification.

On the basis of this information, we can affirm that psychic shocks simply unlock the pent-up karma, which is the real cause of cancer.  To understand this better, let’s use an analogy: when the gates of a dam open all at once, this creates a violent and potentially destructive emptying of the water.  In the same way, intense traumas are capable of opening the gates to the psychic plane and of freeing its chaotic accumulation.  This impact impinges upon the subtle brain, then the physical brain and finally the specific inner organ.  According to spiritual science, there is a subtle brain that is made of more fluid material than the physical brain.  And it is this subtle brain which, when receiving the impact from the traumatic event, creates the concentric circles that appear on the CAT scans. 

The neurologist we mentioned related various forms of psychic accumulation with specific areas of the brain and inner organs.  For example, he noticed that after having lived through inner conflicts related to losing their children, the CAT scan images of these men show concentric circles in the occipital lobe, and in these cases they can experience testicular cancer.  The same type of inner conflict also created concentric circles in the occipital lobe of in women, but the cancer manifested in the ovaries. 

It is essential to have the correct attitude when facing all this that happens to us.  There is no illness without a cause, nor are there random situations.  No one imposes punishment on us.  There are no victims.  We, ourselves, create that which predisposes us to certain illnesses.  We need to recognize the great opportunities for inner transformation that these conditions offer us.  For true healing to happen, we need to accept illness without bitterness. 

When we recognize the subtle dynamics behind the manifestation of cancer, we start to adjust ourselves towards a karmic equilibrium.  The psychic shocks that initiated the illness are closely related to our past actions.  They can give us hints of what we need to work on in ourselves.  We need to carry out actions which counteract the actions that initiated the illness.  Having an open and receptive attitude toward transformation, which the illness is trying to indicate, helps us to attract circumstances and help to bring about this equilibrium and the subsequent healing process. 

Unusual things could happen.  There is an interesting case of an engineer who was a specialist in firearms and who collected them as a hobby.  In the 1970s, he was diagnosed as having leukemia, which was fatal at the time.  He was given three months to live.  Instead of reacting in a negative way, he showed an unexpected change of attitude.  He thought, “Now that I’m going to die, I want to give my life to save lives.”  In the city where this person was living, many terrorists were placing time bombs in public places.  He offered to disarm these bombs.  And after having disarmed a dozen bombs, he realized that his three months had already gone by and he was still alive.  His intuition had given him a solution for his life.  He became cured and went on living for a few more decades.  It’s worth mentioning that he got rid of his gun collection! 

Blood is a symbol of life; it’s our vital liquid.  Leukemia, which is one of the manifestations of cancer in the blood, tends to appear in those who destroyed lives in previous incarnations.  This past can be neutralized by counteracting actions.  In the case of the engineer, the unconditional giving of his own life to save the lives of others helped the healing take place in a simple and unexpected way. 

Even when positive actions are not sufficient to hinder the development of a physical illness, our attitude towards the illness has to change.  This is crucial for the true inner healing process. 

Any kind of illness – even a simple cold! – brings with it the need for us to transform ourselves.