Translated at the request of Jose Trigueirinho Neto to be read by members of the North American Network of Light
(Channeled on Sept 11, 2003 - English Translation December 17, 2010)

Some information about the channel

Male, 42 years old.  Military pilot. Holds a masters degree in economics and air traffic control. Has had various experiences of physical contact with Beings of other worlds.  Is the author of various published articles based on the reception of a series of messages on “The tridimensional nature of time,” of which he has been given the knowledge, among other phenomenon, experienced over the course of recent years.

According to what is said, the attached transcribed message was brought about through a contact which took place near a residence and which was preceded by a twenty minute aerial “Festival” of lights.  Then an enormous triangular ship brought about a projection of the narrator, making possible the contact which is provided in what follows.

Other channels and persons have confirmed this message, which was adapted for the Western European culture on October 15, 2003.

The nature of the message

The identity of the source of this message is of not relevant to you and it is our intention that its origin remain forever anonymous. 

It is simply about how you try to change your world, and by disseminating this type of communication, you make the decision, by free will, of allowing us to show ourselves in your physical reality.  It is a decision that only you can make.

The essential question is: How are you going to react to this message?

May we say that in all of our contacts with human Beings of Planet Earth we have perceived a constant desire present in those contacted to work to try to gain a state of greater consciousness on the planetary level that takes them to a state of well-being in the exercise of free will.

However, the exercise of your free will, as well as the control you have over your own personal power, will depend to a large extent on the degree of knowledge and wisdom that you are able to develop.  Your happiness will be determined by the love that you give and receive.

In these times there are many consciousnesses on your planet that are passing through a very individual state in their process of evolution.  They feel isolated and this sensation of isolation gives them a particular sensation of insecurity in things concerning their destiny.

Despite everything, only a minority of terrestrial human Beings are conscious of the extraordinary opportunities that they are now being given to them.

We can Not change or alter either your present nor your future.  It is you who has to decide on the appropriateness or lack thereof of our involvement in the process.  And you must consider this message as a kind of referendum on a planetary scale.  Therefore, your response is crucial to us.

Who Are we?

Practically none of your scientists or religious leaders fully agree on how to describe the “celestial” happenings that your humanity has been awaiting for thousands of years.  The truth about this subject must be approached without any type of limitation or filter.  The same is true of all the old dogmas and beliefs that in many cases are generally the product of ancient formulas, no matter how respected they are, and which in their time were valid along the pathway to evolution.

Groups of researchers, who are more and more numerous on your planet, are exploring new pathways of knowledge that are almost always anonymous attempts to approach the core of truth.

This is not an easy task.  In these times, an ocean of information inundates your civilization.  However, the information coming from the core of truth is being spread to only a small part of your social fabric.

That which over so many years of history has been presented as ridiculous and improbable in these times is being thought of as possibly reasonable and in many cases already forms part of the reality of many collectively, especially in the last fifty years.

You will continue discovering that your future will be more and more surprising.  Among many other things, you will discover that what you have until now considered insignificant is essential to the process of evolution, as individuals and also collectively.

In a way similar to the other billions of Beings in this galaxy, you and we are conscious creatures in the process of evolution towards the Source.

It is very important that you know that there are no fundamental differences between you and us.  We are immortals.  The only difference is our state of evolution based on the path we have taken.  Similar to any organized structure, the hierarchy is present in our inner actions.  However, ours is based in the wisdom that comes from many cultures and races.  And with the approval of the higher Advisors of these hierarchies, we are authorized to address you.

We are traveling, just as you are, the Path that unfailingly takes us to the Supreme Being.  However, we wish it to be known that we are not “gods.”  We are neither greater nor lesser as some terrestrials thought in past phases of your evolutionary process; but rather we are EQUALS before the Cosmic Brotherhood.

Even though physically we are different from you, this is due, more than anything, to the natural evolutionary process.  Our appearance, for the most part, corresponds to human form (head, torso and extremities) since these forms have proven to be the most functional in our local universe over billions of years.

Our existence is real in the same way as yours but the majority of you don’t perceive it, simply due to the great difference in vibration that separates us.  We are not simply observers; we are conscious Beings, the same as you.  And you do not perceive us because most of your time we remain invisible to your senses and to your instruments because of the vibratory differences mentioned before, as well as to our technical capabilities for this to take place when we find it opportune.

Our intention is to participate as protagonists in these times in your history.  This is not the first time this happens.  Our Great Ones have made this decision collectively, but this is not enough.  Your agreement at the individual level granted by your free will is essential.  We need to be able to count on your collaboration.

If these promises are kept, no representative of your humanity on the Earth will be able to alter or modify your decision.

Why are we not visible?

As was said previously, to arrive at certain states of evolution, the cosmic “humanities” discovered new forms of consciousness that transcend the appearance of “matter.”  Materialization and dematerialization were part of this package.

This type of technology has already been experienced with apparent success in some earthly laboratories in close collaboration with some extraterrestrial creatures.  The very high cost incurred, due to the lack of ethical and scientific means to carry out these experiments, as well as the damages inflicted, have been systematically hidden by your own governments,

Independent of these manifestations, we wish to say that the phenomena already known by our scientific community, as well as by some of you individually, which are referred to as UFOs are multi-dimensional space ships that utilize the aforementioned capabilities.

Some humans have been in physical, visual, and auditory contact with these ships.  Some of these ships are under the control of powers whose intelligence is governing them remotely.

The skepticism of those individuals who have not experienced these preparations themselves, as is the usual case on your planet, is understandable to us.  However, most of these observations and contacts have customarily take place with individuals who are, in general, very balanced.

As far as we are concerned, we try as much as possible to not interfere nor modify any organized system in the worlds we visit; however, not all visitors have these same motives and expectations.

You are also visited by negative multi-dimensional beings that play a role in this game of exercise of power in the shadow of the human oligarchy.  Their secretiveness is due to the fact they do not wish to reveal their operative existence.

For us, discretion is dictated by the respect that we feel for human free will, so that people can manage themselves in matters, attaining their own spiritual maturity and technical knowledge.  The entry of your humanity into the family of galactic civilizations is a great expectation of ours.

We will present ourselves one sunny day, helping you celebrate your entry into the galactic family.  If we have not done so in the past it was because only a few of you had a genuine desire for it, due maybe to ignorance, indifference or fear.  And, given the circumstances, there was no emergency that justified our presence.  Some of those who studied our appearances reported happenings such as lights in the night sky, unidentified aerial presences that leave no trace of themselves, etc. Quite often one thinks of them in terms of objects when in reality they are manifestations produced by beings with consciousness.

Who are you?

In a large measure, you are the result of a maturation of traditions that, throughout the process of time, have been mutually enriched by multiple contributions.  This is only applicable to the races that live on the surface of the Earth.  The goal is for them to unite while respecting their roots in order to reach a common objective.  The structure of their cultures appears to be different, separated due to a situation of their own inner Profound Self having been supplanted.  The external, the formality, seems in this moment, more important than the subtle nature of the essence that animates them.  For the factual powers the supremacy of the external physical acts as a protective wall against any situation that may compromise what has been put into action.

Your attention is called so as to attempt to overcome the existing state of things, where the outer takes precedence over the inner.  It is about, while respecting its richness and its beauty, being able to understand how the consciousness of the form makes it possible for you to love all of the creatures in their diversity.

Also, you must understand that peace is something very different from not making war and consists in transforming your world into a single fraternity.

Unfortunately, the global solutions for reaching these goals decrease each day.  One of these solutions could be to contact other cultures that could act as a mirror in which you can see more clearly the image of what you really are today.

From our point-of-view, what is your situation?

With the exception of rare occasions, our interventions have always had little effect on your ability to take actions based on either individual or collective decisions regarding your future.  This is motivated by our knowledge of your deep psychological mechanisms.

We have come to the conclusion that freedom is rooted in the Being becoming conscious of itself and of its surroundings on a day to day basis, progressively grasping the inertias and limitations, whatever they may be.  Yet, in spite of the numerous conscious humans and volunteers, such inertias are encouraged and artificially put into place to benefit a growing centralized power.

Up until recently your human group was living with a satisfactory level of control over their own decisions.  But, you are losing more and more power over your destiny.  You are triggering a chain of certain advanced technologies that will have mortal consequences for humanity and the entire ecosystem of the Earth and which may become irreversible in the very near future.  Slowly but surely you are losing your extraordinary capacity for maintaining a “desirable” life.  The lack of flexibility is moving on to other levels due to intentional subterfuges that are being imposed regardless of whether you want them or not.  Such technologies are in operation, affecting your bodies as well as your minds.  These plans are being carried out now.

This entire situation can change and be altered to your benefit insofar as each one maintains their own creative power, even though you live side by side with the dark intentions of your potential dominators.  This is the reason we keep ourselves invisible and on the alert.  The power of the individual is condemned to disappear unless a collective reaction on a grand scale takes place.  A time period is approaching when a breakdown could happen (of whatever nature it may be).

Will you put off your decision until the last minute?
Should you act before that or wait until “panic ensues?”

Throughout your history there has never been an absence of clashes between the nations and cultures of your world.  Conquests have almost always meant the abusive dominance of the conquerors.  The Earth has become a village where, thanks to new technologies, you all know each other.  But conflicts persist and aggressive behaviors of all kinds have increased in intensity and harshness.

Nevertheless, a human being is an individual who, although holding certain potential abilities, can no longer practice them with dignity.  Such are the circumstances in which the great majority of us are immersed, all occurring mostly because of situations of a basic geo-political nature.

You are already more than 6,500 million human Beings.  The education of your children and their condition in life, as well as the conditions in life of many animal species, the life of the plants, etc., are subject to the whims of a small group of financiers, politicians, military people and religious representatives.  This lethal dependency has become more potent than it has ever been before.

Your thoughts and beliefs are being shaped for the sake of partisan interests to convert you into dependent Beings, while at the same time as you are molded the feeling that you are in charge and control your destiny is maintained through communication systems.  Such is the essence of the reality that you are currently living.

In your world at this time there is a huge chasm between the wills and the intentions through which your Society is governed.  The rules of the game, which are real, and which this Society functions under, are unknown to most of you.

In this moment of your history, you are not the protagonists.

Heavily slanted information is a perennial strategy used with human beings.  The induction of thoughts and emotions, as well as other types of social manipulations coming from certain technologies based on what you are beginning to know as “social engineering,” implies an even more ancient strategy.

Wonderful choices for progress are being outlined in order to try and disguise subversive suggestions.  These dangers and opportunities exist right now.  In spite of this, it is possible to distinguish quite clearly the results of these programs.  The extinction and exhaustion of natural resources is being planned.  And although it has not been a planned objective at a terrestrial level, this extinction has already been put in motion.

The mechanisms for exhausting and annihilating your ecosystems are currently at the threshold of the limits on reversibility.  The plundering of resources, the prices of which increase every day, and their uneven distribution, as well as the speculation with essential commodities that—particularly around you—fattens the wholesale sectors for basic foods, along with that of real estate, will cause distortions and fratricidal wars to break out on a planetary scale, also affecting the centers of your cities and rural communities.

Hate progresses and grows at the cost of love.  It is the energy of love that makes you strong and gives you confidence, increasing your capacity to find solutions.  But the critical mass is insufficient, and the work of sabotage is being diligently carried out in that as well.

Human behavior that is anchored in very ancient habits, which obeys the habits of the past, has such a degree of inertia that any attempt to change is condemned beforehand to fail.  You deal with these problems through your representatives—whose consciousness for common good is obstructed by their adherence to corporate and partisan interests— by trusting them with your difficulties.  Your representatives always debate the form and almost never deal with the content.

When the moment for action arrives, the accumulated delays cause your intention to succumb rather than to do what you choose.  This is the real reason, more than ever before in your recent history, why your daily decisions serve as guidance and have a significant impact on tomorrow’s existence and your continuing to be alive.

What would be the nature of a happening, of an event that would modify this inertia, typical of a certain period of development in any civilization?  Where could an awakening and a unification arise that could stop this “snowball” rolling downhill?

Nations, peoples, human tribes have always maintained an exchange and have interacted with each other.  In not having any recourse but to face these lethal challenges that affect the whole human family, maybe you will have the opportunity for experiencing a huge interaction.

A giant ball is beginning to roll.  It is made up of a mixed substance that is very, very positive, but also very negative.

Who is this “third party”?

There are two ways of establishing a cosmic contact with another civilization: through its representatives or governors or directly with any individual, without exception.  The first implies a conflict of interests, and the second brings an awakening.

The first means was the choice of a group of races, whose intention was to maintain humanity in slavery.  In this way they would control the resources of the Earth, its genetic code, and its emotional energy.

The second form of contact was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause of the Spirit of service.  We have disinterestedly adhered to this cause, presenting ourselves a few years ago to those “representatives” of yours that hold power.  These refused to shake our hand with the pretext of the enormous social compulsion this would imply, although the real truth was based on the conflict of interests, incompatible with their strategies.

This is the path already walked so far, which causes individuals at this time to choose an individual preference, without having any representative participate in this or having any other person interfere. What we proposed in the past to those whom we believed to be in the appropriate position for contributing to your wellbeing, we are now going to propose to all of you.

The great majority of you ignore the fact that non-human creatures are participating in the execution of the agendas that are concentrating the powers on your planet, without it being possible for those affected to suspect such a thing, since you do not have sufficiently developed senses to detect it.  This situation is so real, that these creatures are beginning to have significant control over the mechanisms that regulate your society.  They are not necessarily within the system, and this is precisely what makes their activity so extremely efficient and dangerous for the immediate future.  Also, you must be very clear that most of your “representatives” are already aware of this danger.

Can you use your free will under these conditions of manipulation?
Are you truly free?

Peace and a common government of nations should be the first step in a harmonious opening to civilizations different to yours.

This is precisely what those behind the scenes want to avoid at all cost, encouraging conflicts and instilling fear between those that govern, making good use of the old tactic of “divide and conquer.”  Also, these actions seriously damage your primal essence, programmed to share with the rest of the civilizations of the cosmos.

This message would not be so interesting if the events we have proclaimed were not about to materialize very soon.  (We calculate it will be in the next ten years.)  If our predictions should materialize, a period of great suffering is coming for all of you.

You can try to defend yourself against these aggressions.  One of the most important tools for defense consists in having at your disposition enough information to try and arbitrate solutions.

One of the greatest difficulties that you are going to encounter is based on the fact that both physical appearance as well as your current state in the control of psychic senses will make it very difficult to distinguish the enemy from the ally.  Besides intuition, specific training will be necessary when the time comes.

We, who know that free will is priceless, have something to offer.

What can we offer you?

We can offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life; constructive interactions with the experience of our fraternal relationships with other Beings of the universe; to perfect and optimize your current technical knowledge with the eradication of many diseases and suffering; cooperation in the controlled exercising of individual powers, access to new forms of energy, and a definitively better understanding of consciousness.

We cannot help you move beyond your ancestral individual and collective fears or impose laws on you that you have not chosen, do the work for you, and both in the individual and collective scope of things, we will not build that world of yours that you desire.  We will not interfere either with your spiritual energy or in the search for new heavens.

What would we wish to receive from you?

If you accept these plans, we will be delighted to contribute towards safeguarding the balance in this region of the universe.  We will experience enormous delight when we see that you are united, with the intention of gaining that which you are capable of doing in harmony with the immutable energies that move the universe.

Do you desire that we openly show ourselves in your physical reality?
How can this question be answered?

We will recognize the answers emanating from your heart.  The Truth of the soul can be read in a telepathic way. It is only necessary that you answer to yourselves.  Privately or in a group, both are the same.  Either living in the heart of a city or in the middle of a desert, we will receive your response.

The mechanism is very simple: it is about saying whether you agree or not, as if you were talking with us, while thinking of the content of this message.

In order to effectively associate your answer to the question, you must calmly meditate on the subjects proposed.   In order to dissolve the greatest number of doubts that may emerge, do this after having re-read this message as many times as you judge necessary.   Do not forget that it will be a decision taken at the planetary level.

These few words, emerging from the heart and placed in its context, have a powerful influence.  Because of this, it is important that you not be in a hurry to give an answer.  Breathe deeply and calmly; let the power of your own will penetrate your inner Self.  Take conscious pride in what you are.  Try to distance yourself from your problems for a few minutes and feel the strength that pours over you.   Finally feel that you are consciously exercising your free will.

A simple thought, a simple reply can drastically change your immediate future in one way or another.

Your individual decision of asking your inner Self for the authorization or denial of the permission for us to show ourselves openly in the light of day is precious and essential to us.

Although some of you choose to adopt more ritualistic forms, these are in no way necessary.   A sincere request to your heart and your willpower will be clearly perceived by all of those of us who have sent you this message.

It will be in the heart where each one of you will determine the future.

What is the “lever” effect?

Such a decision must be adopted by the greater number of members of your human Community, and although you may think that you will be a minority, it would be commendable to spread abroad this message in all ways possible, in as many languages as possible to all those who are around you, be they receptive or not to this new vision of the future.

You can choose to use a humorous tone if this will help.  You can also choose to publish this openly and publicly if you think it appropriate.

Nevertheless, it would be appropriate that you come to forget everything about “false prophets and supernatural beliefs” which has been told you, by those who have tried to explain what and who we are, as well as when we will arrive.  If you are not willing to question these “magical” beliefs, we believe that the most honorable thing for you is to answer in the negative.

Thus, we say that if you do not know what to answer, do not say yes out of simple curiosity.  This will not be a spectacle for the masses.  Rather, quite the contrary.  Your history is full of events in which a minority of men and women were capable of having a decisive influence on the development of certain happenings in spite of being just a few.  Using the same logic that has allowed a numerically small group of Beings to manage to temporarily stop the power of the negative forces over the Earth and to be an influence in the future choices of a majority, so a small group can also radically change your destiny when faced with the impotence exhibited by so much inertia and disillusion.  Paraphrasing one of your thinkers, you too can move the world if you have a fulcrum.

With the single diffusion of this message, you will already be creating the “fulcrum.”  We will be the “lever” acting from light-years away, trying amongst all to elevate the vibratory level of your world, and with it, that of your entire universe.

What can be expected of this decision if it should be positive?

The immediate result of your collective decision in the case of it being favorable, will be the physical presence in your space-time—in your skies and on Earth—of some vessels that, amongst many other consequences, will provide the human race with the gradual abandonment of a mountain of supposed certainties and other attitudes.

A simple visual contact could have enormous repercussions in your future.   Many of your ethical, moral, intellectual, and other schemes will be forever modified.  The organization of your societies will be deeply affected, being permanently elevated in all fields of activity.  Political power will transform into individual power because you will be seeing yourselves as free and thinking beings.  Concretely, structures will change as they are modified from the roots of the value scale in force up to that point.

It is also an important challenge for us.  This is about your entire human group forming a single family in order to face the relationship with that “unknown” that in some way we represent for all of you.  This way of proceeding will have some primary and important consequences when it forces a series of undesirable elements currently encrusted in your systems and whom we refer to as “the third party,” to show itself and get dissolved when it sees how its negative energy mechanisms are blocked.

After this, peaceful and respectful interchanges will be possible if you so wish.  For now, those who are hungry cannot smile, those who fear cannot welcome us.  We are tired of seeing how the inhabitants of this beautiful planet that you call Earth, men, women, and children suffer in body and spirit, considering who you are, which is bearers of inner light.

Our relationship will need to be progressive.  Several periods of years or decades must be established.

Our physical presence with you, the gradual technical collaboration with the goal of not distorting or interfering in your evolution, the assimilation and compatibility of the spiritual experiences, such as your discovery of other regions of the galaxy will make necessary for you the need for a period of adaptation, which will serve as a function of the time that it takes to metabolize these facts.

However, in the face of each correct situation, you must go on choosing the new options that you consider appropriate, deciding in every instance what will be the pathways by which you are going to journey.  Non-interference will be an attitude unilaterally adopted by us.  We will abandon your planet as soon as you consider it appropriate.

If this positive decision is adopted by the majority of those that have decided to utilize their capacity to choose and this message has received the necessary support in accordance with the speed of diffusion throughout the world: several weeks, or even months will be necessary so that we can make our “great presentation.”

Why are we suggesting a dilemma of such great proportions?

We know about the mechanisms that are in effect in collectives with an evolutionary level similar to yours, that cause you to consider anything “foreign” with distrust.  We also know distrust is a product of ignorance and that both of these generate fear.  We hope that these situations will be reversed by the emotion that will be generated by our open and peaceful presence.  This will serve, amongst other things, to reinforce your relationships and knowledge at a planetary level.

How to recognize that our arrival is the result of your collective decision?

It is a simple fact that we have been here on your level of existence for some time.  If we have not made ourselves visible before now it is because we have not permitted it while you have not expressed the intention in an explicit and corporate way.

Why are we trying to distribute this message among you?

This action will affect your future in an irreversible way and will span millenniums of history.  In the opposite case, if it is be postponed a new choice will be proposed after some years pass, approximately a generation (if you have survived).

Failure to choose means that you will allow yourself to be dragged along by the decisions of others.  Inform others unless you want to run the risk of having an outcome that is contrary to your expectations.  To remain indifferent signifies to surrender and give up your free will. All of this has to do with your future.  All of this is something that has to do with your own evolution.

There is a possibility that this invitation will not receive a group concurrence and that due to information problems, is put aside.  Know that no individual desire in the universe will be ignored.

The mass media, controlled and manipulated to a large degree, are not interested in the diffusion of this message.  This will be your task, as free and thoughtful beings, that you are to transmit it.

Some Final Considerations

Some may think that we put forward these ideas with the goal that you will feel that you have legitimized us to make your decisions for you.

It is not like that.

On the other hand: “How can you be sure that this is not one more maneuver of “disinformation” sponsored by a “third party?”

In actuality and in the absence of human representatives that can respond, the truth is that you could practically ignore almost all of this, including who we are and who it is that is manipulating you without your consent.

We believe, however, that in your situation, the cautionary principal of ignoring us will not work. You already find yourself in a “Pandora’s Box’ in which a “third party” has put you.  That being the case, your decision must be to get out of it.

You must face this dilemma. You have to confront one ignorance with the other and you need to use your intuition.  You have to weigh the possibility that you can see with your own eyes or simply believe what those who govern you say.

Herein lies the matter!  Know that you are acting as the architects of your own destiny.

You are welcome to distribute it as you wish, including publication in magazines,
e-mail list-serves and in other media as long as there is no commercial gain
or profit from its distribution