Published in the Newsletter titled: Calling Humanity
Volume I - First Semester 2010

What are the “Intra-terrestrial Retreats” and the “Solar Discs” and how are they related?

The “Intra-terrestrial Retreats” exist in the supra-physical levels in the fourth dimension of our planet. They hold information that allows for the awakening of other levels of consciousness that are being gradually revealed to help the process of evolution of humanity. This information is kept in what are called “Solar Discs” and must be irradiated to the surface of the whole planet.

In the past, in the period of Lemuria, the priests, together with the extra-terrestrial consciousnesses, made a great solar disc to hold all of this important information. In order to protect this information, they divided this disc into 12 parts that were distributed to different places of the American continent, which would have to be reunited in the future when humanity would be ready to use the information wisely.

The twelve discs containing each part of this information are protected in 12 retreats and together with the disc brought from Shambala to Paititi in Miz Tli Tlan (one of the retreats), make up a net of 13 elements named called “The Network of Time”

What do the Solar Disc’s do?

Each solar disc stores in its different sections information that, as it is irradiated to the surface, permeates the consciousness of all kingdoms (human, animal, vegetal and mineral) with subtle patterns or codes. This information is of a high vibration, one that will allow the planetary life to reach more ample levels of consciousness.

Many groups in this planet are establishing contact with these discs and activating them. You can think of a solar disc as similar to the hard drive of your computer or your flash drive. It holds in a very small space a large amount of information that is encoded in a suitable medium. This information functions similar to our DNA, which holds the patterns that will guide the development and evolution of the human body, structures or patterns that set limits for what is possible for human evolution. In a similar but non-material way, the solar discs hold the patterns for the future development of humanity, patterns that will guide us to future evolutionary stages beyond the limits of what is now possible.

Why should we do mantras pronouncing the names of each of the 13 solar discs?

The names of these solar discs are mantras, keys to facilitate our contact with them and to activate them. When we say a mantra by pronouncing the name of a solar disc out loud, we create a “vibrating key” and as this happens, we connect ourselves with that solar disc, activating its inner reality and irradiating the high quality information stored in it. This information can then be transported to our dimension through the channel created by the group or individual who is pronouncing its name. By working with the solar discs we imprint these patterns in our consciousnesses, creating the possibility of transcending current limitations and functioning in a more evolved manner, consistent with the evolution of the planet itself. Something similar process occurs when we chant the mantras of the planetary centers.

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