Published in the Newsletter titled: Calling Humanity
Volume II - Second Semester 2010

There is a relatively unknown esoteric teaching stating that the Americas – both the northern and southern continents, and the individual countries within them – have an important evolutionary task to perform. This teaching explains that the exploration and colonization of the Americas was inspired by individuals associated with the esoteric brotherhood, who saw the “new world” as an opportunity to create a utopian society inspired by spiritual ideas. Many believe that Christopher Columbus himself was an emissary of this society.

Although in many respects these ideals have not been actualized (notably, in the process of colonization and mistreatment of indigenous populations, and in the current culture of materialism and extraversion), this inspiration remains as a subconscious influence and is still available to be realized. This esoteric teaching offered a vision and support for the founders of the United States and other American countries, many who were themselves members of esoteric orders.

In the case of the United States, over 95% of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and also of those attending the Constitutional Convention were members of Masonic orders. The early history of the United States includes many stories of mysterious individuals appearing who influenced the course of important events, including the design of the U.S. flag, the outcome of battles, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Within the Americas themselves are ancient spiritual traditions, including the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan, which influenced the founders of individual countries and which are linked to a hidden stream of knowledge unconsciously influencing us today – ones that we can consciously acknowledge and treat with the respect that they deserve.

To be an “American” – in the narrow sense of the United States and in the larger sense of the hemisphere – thus requires that we educate ourselves about this unknown sacred impulse and that we align ourselves with this special evolutionary task. To do, this we must confront many challenges, along with the internal and external obstacles that have resulted in our straying from these sacred ideals.

Those interested in learning about The Secret Destiny of America and America’s Assignment with Destiny can find useful information on the above mentioned themes in books with these titles by Manly Palmer Hall (author of the Secret Teachings of all Ages), which have been published together in a recent edition by Jeremy Tarcher/Penguin. Another book of interest on this subject is Emerson and the Dream of America by Richard Geldhard (Larson Publications), which provides an overview of the inspired philosophy of this great American writer, poet, and philosopher, and suggests that the true origin of the “American Dream” of material success is the “Dream of America” that was the inspiration for Emerson and the country’s founders.

Thus, for the spiritual work currently taking place in the Americas, it is important to perceive the inspiration that was alive for the founders of our countries, and to accept the task of reclaiming it, which the current world crisis offers us.

(Alan Berkowitz)