Signs of Blavatsky: An Unusual Encounter for the Present Time
by Jose Trigueirinho Netto, published by Associacao Irdin Editoria

Helene Petrovena Blavatsky initiated a spiritual revolution in the West that still resonates today. Along with her contemporary Ramakrishna (who did something similar for India) she provided an impulse that gave birth to many of today’s spiritual systems and which trained most of the 20 th centuries important spiritual teachers. Among others, Paul Brunton, Rudolf Steiner, Alice Bailey, and Krishnamurti all spent their formative years under the influence of Blavatsky herself and/or Theosophy.

But just how does this legacy of hers resonate today?

In Signs of Blavatsky: An Unusual Encounter for the Present Time author and spiritual philosopher Jose Trigueirinho Netto demonstrates that Blavatsky’s legacy is still relevant and fresh today, and that her writings contain the essentials of a teaching that is valuable two centuries later. In addition, he articulates how Blavatsky’s work provides the foundation for new revelations of spiritual knowledge that are being born today and that require our cooperation to be manifested.

This book masterfully distills Blavatsky’s message and teaching, presenting excerpts from The Secret Doctrine and her other writings in a clear, well-organized and coherent fashion that allows the reader to perceive what Blavatsky was trying to teach us and what it is that we have yet to learn today. This knowledge, if instilled, will in turn provide the foundation for a new “turning of the wheel” which will reveal a new phase of spiritual knowledge that is necessary for humanity’s evolution. But, in order for this to happen, we must receive what she had to offer and do the work on ourselves that will allow us to be the instruments for this new revelation. All of this is clearly and lucidly outlined in this short but powerful book.

The impulse for Signs of Blavatsky is the result of operative group work conducted by the author and his collaborators from Figueira, a contemporary spiritual center in Brazil. These individuals, much like the Neo-Platonists of ancient times, have developed a method of operative spiritual group practice that creates an opening in our three-dimensional space time world for higher beings to appear and reveal their knowledge to us. In fact one of the author’s main messages is that it is through group work – and not individual solitary seeking – that our current generation of spiritual seekers will grow and develop. It is in this context that the spirit that was (and is) Blavatsky appeared to the group and provided the impulse for this book. According to the author great beings like Blavatsky do not disappear when their physical form is released, but continue in new incarnations in more elevated levels of existence, working for the evolution of humanity, the planet, and the cosmos. If this is true, then it could be said that this book provides a living contemporary message from Madame Blavatsky herself.

Signs of Blavatsky book will be of great value not only to Theosophists, but to all spiritual seekers who want to understand the legacy of the great being who was Blavatsky, and – more importantly – who want to understand the spiritual task facing humanity at this stage of its evolution.

Jose Trigueirinho Netto is the author of 77 books with more than two million copies in circulation, primarily in his native Portuguese and Spanish, but also now in French, German, and English. Although he is arguably one of the great spiritual messengers alive on the planet today, his work is relatively unknown in North American and Europe. Thus, this book is worthwhile even if only for the purpose of learning about this important contemporary spiritual teacher and his message.

Five of Trigueirinho’s books have also been translated into English: Noah’s Vessel, Beyond Karma, Calling Humanity (an anthology of his works), The Mystery of the Cross in the Present Planetary Transition, and Beyond Karma, along with a small “pocketbook” collection of his writings. These books, information about the author, and recordings of some of his lectures translated into English are available from, or

Micha-El (Alan Berkowitz)

Micha-El is a student of Trigueirinho’s work, the co-director of the Calling Humanity Network (which is diffusing Trigueirinho’s teachings in North America), and a member of the translation team that is working to bring his books to an English-speaking audience.