Frei Ameino and Trigueirinho


Frei Ameino

What is Greater, ask the Great Sages, the olive tree or the seed of the olive?

The olive tree, naively answered some.  The seed, said others, believing that it was a trick question. 

Not one, not the other, declared the Great Sages.  Only Love, that which plants the seeds, is what deserves the title of Great, because in it already exists the earth and the water, the wind and the sun; the entire tree with its fruits and the oil.  All this as a promise, in potential and in abundance.

Because, in the light of the gaze and in the sweetness of the hand, and in each gesture, is where is the ferment of the Universe.  In truth, only this is Great. 

A plant is not created from the seed.  In other words, it naturally emerges from a seed, but the seed has to first receive the impulse from the cambium, the impulse of the whole stellar universe.

The plant contacted in this expansion, contacts this stellar universe, contacts the plan where the archetypes exist, and these archetypes then, now are subtly imprinted in this flux of energy and this will be materialized in the substances that the cambium produces; so that then the archetype enters into the seed.  And this seed now becomes able to reproduce a new plant.

In other words, in this living dialogue between heaven and earth, between the stellar universe and the plant, in this flux of information, in this flux of impulses, it is here in this flux that a plant is formed, a seed is formed, and a seed will have the ability to generate a new being.



All the grains on the Earth are symbols of spiritual food.  When the human being is more aware of what it is, of what it represents, it will come to primarily be nourished by grains.  When the human being becomes more conscious, it will come to this. 

Because the grains are here representing sectors of Cosmic Life, sectors of Universal Life, and these grains have energy, they have fluidity – they do not only have the energy and material fluidity – but they also have a link with that which is spiritual food.

Each grain comes from a more advanced planet than the Earth.  It was not a grain there; there it is was an essence, it was a kind of life that here arises as one of the grains or as grains.  But we will come to this as we develop. 

And of course, if we feed ourselves primarily with grains we will arrive at a consciousness that is more open, more developed and more able to communicate with these themes.  But if we feed ourselves with other foods, because our bodies still have this need or because our bodies are still not educated for this, then we will have the development that is possible for us in this phase.


Frei Ameino

We have to transport ourselves, our consciousnesses, to another universe.  And in this universe all that here was immovable, everything that was dead, everything that was stagnant, in reality here in this other universe has its own life.

And so it is on Earth.  The body of the Earth we imagine as something totally rigid, completely dense and concrete, where nothing flows.  But if we could see with the eyes of the stars, we would see how all is permeated by vital currents.

It is these vital currents, these currents of energy that make the difference between a living and a dead body. When these flows are absent, a body no longer has sustenance and it languishes, it becomes extinct.  And when it is permeated by currents, by these vital fluxes, by these living creator energies, it gains vitality, it gains its expression, it gains movement.

And here then, inside of the formation of the seed, is the same process that happens on another scale, and we still do not have much training to be able to visualize all of these movements as currents of energy.

We think simply, as we have learned in school, but this is a very rigid knowledge, very formal, very concrete, very harsh, very dead, and we do not educate ourselves about the movement of energy.  This is what we are lacking.

This begins to be lost in infancy.   The child does not have the capacity to develop devotion, reverence for the invisible, for the sacred, for the immaterial, when it does not have the possibility to place its consciousness in something superior, when it is not enriched with these living images that are the examples that adults can offer.

And so, this capacity becomes atrophied in the child and then after, it will develop a completely hardened brain, completely impermeable, a hard brain that is not capable of receiving these subtle movements, even to understand these subtle movements of the flow of energies that permeate the whole Universe and which we do not value in our education, in our formation.



The Vegetable Kingdom, of all of the kingdoms of the planet, of the physical kingdoms, is the one that corresponds most to the Evolutionary Plan.  The Vegetable Kingdom is the one that has offered the strongest response, it is the one that has most mobilized itself in order to accomplish the Evolutionary Plan.

And the Vegetable Kingdom is the most assailed and the most misunderstood by the human being.   We have seen how much human beings have degraded the Vegetable Kingdom with chemical fertilizers, with toxic products, and how the human being is the corruptor, how the human being acts as an element of corruption of the Vegetable Kingdom.

And so, when there exists a group or when there exists an individual who treats the Vegetable Kingdom as it should be treated, this can enable the possibility of an equilibration of the Universe, this can contribute to an equilibrium in this way.

In the seeds, for example, there is hidden the future phase of this kingdom.  There are certain seeds which, if well-cared for, if well-treated, if the seeds are treated with Love, as living beings, as beings that are able even to have a principle of soul, these seeds have hidden within them future stages of the Vegetable Kingdom.

And that which is done with seeds in the laboratories, this is one of the many corrupting activities of the human being. Destructive, because the human being is very harmful, in a certain sense the human being generally, the human being is the destroyer of the planet. Then, in the seed we have the beginning of the future phase of the Vegetable Kingdom. 

So that to create a seed, to care for a seed, is not only with the intention of reproduction, with the intention to have more food, it is not only this. While this this intention also exists this must not be the goal among spiritualized beings.

Of course the seed offers a way to reproduce food, to give food to humans, to animals, and to birds.  The seed is the germ of all of this, but more important is that it brings within itself, already in essence the future Vegetable Kingdom.  Thus, depending on how we treat the seeds, we will develop one or another thing.

And, if we liberate ourselves from the idea of exploiting the Vegetable Kingdom, of consuming, as was in the older patterns of the primitive human being – if we liberate ourselves from this, will have a work that is much broader and one which is much more aligned with the movements of our soul, with the movements of our inner Being.  And thus, we will be stimulating the Spirit of the Kingdom, of the Vegetable Kingdom, through our care of the seeds.


Frei Ameino

The Earth, the Vegetable Kingdom, it has consciousness.  And so the trees are in truth the link between the Universe and the Earth.  And a seed, through its growth, by its expansion, by its evolution, now they also, with their energy, they give back to the Cosmos that which will be an answer that the Earth is giving to this stimulus, in other words, it is a continuous dialogue between the Vegetable Kingdom and its universal creative Sources.

And so with this, depending on the answer, depending on the care that we give to a seed, or to the development of a plant, in truth this improvement, this attention, this Love that we put into this activity, the plant recognizes this, the plant absorbs, it develops through this impulse and this is what it sends as a response to the Cosmos, as an answer to the impulses that it has received.

In other words, Life continually is renewed inside of a plant by means of this constant flux, this constant dialogue between the Earth and Heaven, between the Vegetable Kingdom and the universal creator Sources.

That which gives an impulse to the Kingdoms to evolve is this human presence with its radiation of Love, with its radiation of caring, of service, and of gratitude for this magnificent task that the Vegetable Kingdom has here on the Earth.