When the disciple recognizes that an incarnated life is only a brief second of the total existence, that which he intends to achieve as an external realization is then re-evaluated.  And a wide universe without restrictive parameters silently reveals itself.

It is very important that in these phases we do not place obstacles to the sacred process that the spirit tries to implement through the intermediary of our bodies. It is rare to be able to merge in oneself, form and non-form, in a way that is beyond the states of diversity and to penetrate unity, where classifications do not exist.

Those who are tuned into this process must find a new axis of alignment and permit their own consciousness to transcend the already known planes. In the case of those who have already surpassed individual aspects and who let themselves be absorbed in the group consciousness, the next step to take is to open themselves, in a hidden and silent way, to the planetary consciousness, living integrated with the energies that sustain the life of the kingdoms, peoples and elements that evolve on Earth. This is the path to know the irradiation of the coming times and to allow oneself to be permeated by it. This is also the path to interact with the Hierarchy in a fluid and continuous way. 

Imbuing oneself with the stimulus that moves consciousnesses to planetary service and uniting oneself with the objective of the Hierarchy is to get nearer to its tasks, and to the capacity to not overlook the pain of those who are crushed by the violence of the material forces of this civilization. If there is a way to help dissolve this evil it should be fully assumed and concretized. It is necessary that the individual reaches a certain degree of inner freedom to serve this way. As long as we are in hands of the forces that devastate human life, we will not be able to be an instrument for redemption.

“New Oracles” pp. 45-46