An individual who really becomes conscious of situation that the planet is faced with is led to review his life, values, goals and purposes. Then he starts to search for patterns of superior conduct, in order to obtain an existence in more harmony with everything.

Although many times he may want to fight against the chaos and the forces that generate it, he will notice that conflict and fricative fire tend to greater disharmony. Therefore, he will see the need to act based on superior laws and vibrations. From that point on he will discover the power of the solar and cosmic fire present in himself and in the whole universe. He will recognize the supra-human laws of evolution and will collaborate with the translation of his own energy from the human to the spiritual plane.

For this process to happen requires a certain amount of time and also perseverance, and a group consciousness that is characteristic of the soul, which begins by approaching itself to the individual so that he is attracted to join with others with whom he can fulfill the stages of evolution and service. The energy generated in a group thus formed is greater than the sum of that which derives from each of its participants. Therefore, an authentic group is more than just a gathering of individuals. In order to exist effectively it is necessary to have a common impersonal goal and to have been trusted with an evolutionary task. In this way the interaction of its members thus intensifies the positive aspects of all of the whole and is a channel for impulses to flow that are of great relevance in the transformation of the planetary life.

From “Oceans Can Hear”- Trigueirinho. Editora Pensamento, p 159 - 160 (Portuguese).

Whenever a group of beings is gathered around ideals, evolutionary or not, is created a concentration of forces that, little by little, assumes the characteristics of an entity in the subtle levels. Depending on the quality of the vibration of these ideals, this entity stimulates positive or negative actions in the beings with which it is linked.

From “A New Astrological Impulse”- Trigueirinho. Editora Pensamento, p. 119


At the present moment no incarnate being is prepared to be a Spiritual Hierarchy to the full extent, but what does exist is the possibility to form groups of individuals that can act as channels for the Hierarchy. If a group of souls well-connected with the spirit permits an internal instructor to teach them, it may be possible to materialize the Planetary Centers, these conductors of cosmic energies to Earth. Therefore such internal instructors will not on the physical level, but will be belong to the Hierarchy of these centers. Some Intra-terrestrial Retreats, still unknown to the great majority of humanity, may arise and unveil previously unknown truths, as the custodians of this information. But human beings would have to be prepared to absorb great blows to their ideas, as these revelations constitute a great challenge to even the most brilliant of minds

… It is not too much to repeat that we need to be pure in our thoughts, actions and words and also to imagine ourselves united to the Brotherhood of the Cosmos dedicated to the evolutionary task. In this process, we will have to forget ourselves as individuals and consider ourselves as a group, however, forgetting past lives and all the negative impressions from them. After abolishing the memory of these experimental lives, we must surrender to the energy of Liberation: an immaterial energy most close to those who intend to take decisive steps in this evolutionary cycle.

Everything will depend on groups uniting themselves in one sole body, in purity of intention, receiving the instructions that are currently available to humanity. These groups of souls will not be dissolved after accomplishing their work, but will unfold bringing living knowledge to other situations, each one more broad in ever expanding evolutionary tasks.

…All true group action diminishes fear and is equivalent to an increase in strength; and groups of 12 people, if truly unified can determine great events. But one should not be anxious to enlarge groups, because an expansion could make them fragile by altering the dynamics of their formation. If differences in karmic conditions begin to enter the group, these could change the circumstances of work in the group and decrease their efficiency. We must avoid, in well- formed groups, undesired members, and primarily, each member should try to settle old debts in their life, to simplify karma…

Groups that are well consolidated give to each collaborator the elements necessary to not waste forces to be used for the work of the Plan, and to not be so busy with physical necessities. Objects without immediate use to a certain member should be placed at the disposal of the group, but always avoiding, obviously, mixing of auras and vibrations.

From “Signs of Blavatsky” - Trigueirinho. Irdin Editora, p. 19, 20, 53-54 (English).


It is emphasized, however, that these groups become capable of planetary service when they are united by inner magnetic attraction, and not by personal ties or other material interests or needs.

Organized like this, the groups can act according to a specific energy or combine several of them. These decisions are independent of human will because they are linked to the purpose of the task that is to be accomplished. Whether together or not on the material levels, the individuals can radiate their inner light that when united with the rest, helps dissipate the dominant illusion in the outward portion of the planet. Those that work in this way are rare in this world at this time; to know about their anonymous and silent existence evokes gratitude in those who are conscious of their importance.

…A being is really the representative of the energy of a group. Once this is understood, perceiving the mechanisms by which inner groups become expressed becomes more simple.

…The service groups that are to take action during times of emergency will function as channels for the higher fires, which will gradually burn the etheric webs that imprison light within atoms and cells. They must therefore not expect outer results, because their principal activity will be within the field of energies, and in most cases their processes will be done unconsciously.

One of the service groups basic work during this transition, be it in the concrete strata of life or in the subtle levels, is to allow the christic essence to emerge. This essence, also called christic energy or solar essence, must externalize by means of the planet’s kingdoms, and therefore through human beings as well.

From “Niskalkat” - Trigueirinho. Irdin Editora, pps.61, 93, 111 (English).


In the critical times of this crisis, evolutionary work in the material sphere must be carried out by groups coordinated through two or three individuals that work in perfect harmony… They will be drawn to meet through an inner magnetism , and in certain cases this will happen in an apparently inexplicable way. They were assigned the task on the inner planes of life, and they will easily recognize each other when they come face to face on the physical plane.

The rest of the members of the group will also be drawn to each other inwardly and there will be no room for doubts or arguments amongst them. The spiritual goal and the service to be given will absorb their bodies in such a way that the vibrations generated will repel the obstacles of personal relationship so familiar at this time. In critical moments human experience will be of no use, for at the time of chaos one must count on genuine inner inspiration, which emerges at the opportune time.

... The current level of radioactive contamination on the planet’s physical plane has an effect on subtle levels, disintegrating the thread of life that connects the consciousness to the bodies… For this reason the work of transmutation and preservation of life carried out by the planetary centers and by service groups is immeasurable and constant. If it were not for them, the Earth would no longer exist as a material planet.

…in order for humans to establish real contacts with the Hierarchy, the formation of a deep-reaching energy vortex is necessary. The vortex is generated by some group and individual factors:

  • An elevated mental polarization. The mind must be kept in a crystalline state at the highest vibratory level possible. The reaffirmation of inner vows must be continuous. Everything that turns the group aside from the spiritual purpose must be promptly warded off.
  • A consciously assumed goal. Even though members of the group are in various evolutionary stages, all must clearly hold the goal to which they are dedicating their efforts…
  • Surrender. Without surrender, the vortex generated by the group activity will not manage to move beyond the concrete mental level… The surrender must be pure. The members must not compare themselves with each other, but rather only desire to be united with that which is Supreme and to carry out its purpose…
  • Purity of Intention… Purity is required on all levels of the being. Individuals must be conscious that, in order to complete the Evolutionary Plan task, they are offered access to supernatural laws…
  • Outer activity as a reflection of the inner world. Precision, order and firmness in decision taking, added to the previous requirements, must be the pillars of group work. The outer activity of the group must reflect the synchronicity of the inner planes of life with a minimum expending of energy.

    From “Niskalkat” - Trigueirinho. Irdin Editora, pps. 127-128, 131, 135-137 (English).