There are great aggressions committed by the humanity of the surface. 

1. Liberation of uncontrollable energy, which is subjecting our and the planet’s life to great calamities.

2. Contaminating of the waters of the planet with very little drinking water remaining for our own consumption.

3. With pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, committing the same mistake as was done with the nuclear energy, because we cannot control the degree of contamination that is generated when combating plagues. Humanity lacks any idea of the unknown diseases that it will be confronted with that are produced by environmental contamination. If it was not for the intervention of our great laboratory-spaceships that are working to control the changes that the Earth endures from the release of deadly forces, this civilization of surface would be suffering still more than it suffers today.

But, although bad actions have become very common, yet there are always innocent people who are protected and saved by the Laws of Creation and of Evolution of the races.

“Miz Tli Tlan – An Awakening World” p. 165