Q.  At this moment we are following the statements made by scientists of the whole world about global warming and its consequences for the planet. What do you think, Sir, about this topic?

A.  Global warming is one among many serious dangers that menace the planet and humanity. The prospect of great planetary disasters is being presented timidly and in an attenuated way by science and by communication media. We know that the real planetary situation is not openly revealed in part not to disturb the business world, to not affect tourism and for many other reasons. However, although most of the information has been provided discretely, today there is no one who does not have an idea of what awaits us. There are facts that appear catastrophic but that in reality contain transformative revelations as, for example, what is about to happen in Antarctica.

Q.   What can we still do? Can the catastrophes be avoided?

A.   Well, the most important thing is prayer.  Pray and contribute as little as possible to the aggravating of the general situation. I must clarify that by praying I want to say, search for more elevated and profound levels of consciousness, where there is harmony, peace and the balancing of our being. The center of our soul is the only secure place. It is a place within us that negative and destructive forces cannot reach. At this point it is not only planetary catastrophes which have become irreversible. The psychic balance in general is becoming more and more fragile. Discernment and knowledge has become distant from the common life of the majority of people. The reason to live has been lost. We have to position ourselves in a decisive and firm way in our inner self and so be able to help those who are in difficulty -- and as you can see, a great part of the population is already in a precarious condition.

“Signs of Figueira” – Questions to Trigueirinho. Number 16, 2nd semester 2008